The science Of website development should complement the art of good design

The science Of website development should complement the art of good design

The science Of website development should complement the art of good design

The importance of a well designed, robustly constructed website is something which is now widely accepted in the business world. Ecommerce web development has now expanded to the point where it’s extremely likely that the average persons initial contact with your business is likely to be via its’ website. That’s why utilising the expertise of a firm with a strong track record of web design in London is such a vital step.

There is a tendency amongst many businesses to think of web design as being a wholly technical matter – a question of programming and coding. Whilst this is, on one level, the truth of the matter, it still has to be borne in mind that the vast majority of the visitors to your website, the average browser who arrives via a search engine and may or may not opt to stay and make a purchase, simply couldn’t care less about such matters. For the consumer, all the technical details in the world pale into insignificance next to the approachability and usability of the website in question. Even these technical details have to be made to work hand in hand with what might be termed the ‘feel’ of the site – the way it looks and the impression of your business which it creates, from first impression to, hopefully, checkout.

An expert in ecommerce development will tell you that building your online presence is not a quick fix or overnight task. Any website designer based in London will know that putting together a site which is truly representative and effective requires long term collaboration. They need to become a part of your business for as long as it takes to build the site, learning what makes you tick, what it is about you that’s unique and how the website can be made to reflect everything about your company. That’s where the skills of design will be used to complement the technical abilities which you might expect to be able to take for granted. Effective web design in London is about producing a site which has the organic feel of a shop or stored dedicated to your business. The site has to combine a brochure, shop window, shop floor, ordering system and much more besides, and has to do so in a manner which is intuitive (this being a question of the technical foundations of the site) and consistent ( i.e., utilising a set colour scheme and graphic look throughout). Effective SEO in London isn’t just a question of drawing visitors to your site. Most decisions are made within seconds of the landing page opening, and, since a search engine may well bring visitors to a page other than the home page, the entire site has to be put together to the same exacting standards. Given the increasing speed with which online dealings are being shifted onto hand held devices, the field of mobile application development is becoming as important as any other. Your mobile site will have to match your ‘home’ site in every way, whilst also being designed specifically for the technological specifications of devices such as iPhones and tablets

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The key factors of mobile application development

The Key Factors Of  Mobile Application Development

The Key Factors Of Mobile Application Development

One of the chief factors to bear in mind when planning and executing your company’s online presence is the speed at which the entire sector can change, and change dramatically. Web design companies based in London and throughout the UK will be keenly aware of this, and will make it their business to be on top of the latest trends. One field which is still in the midst of constant upheaval is that of mobile application development.

The ways in which people access the websites they use has changed hugely in the past few years. Whereas, once, all interaction with websites tended to take place from a desktop computer, a combination of new technology and the ever-growing roll of the internet in people’s busy lives has changed this, and changed it on a permanent basis. The widespread take-up and technical sophistication of hand held devices such as the iPhone Blackberry and iPad has made it possible for anyone, virtually anywhere and at any time to go online and seek out the goods and services which they require. Dealing with this phenomenon is something which web design companies in London will place at the centre of any online strategy they put together for your business, bringing their expertise in mobile application development to bear, no matter what the specifics of the business you’re actually running.

If, for example, you’re seeking travel web design that works with the maximum impact on devices such as android phones and tablets, then there are certain factors which have to be kept in mind when the application is being put together. One of the most important of these is the ease of usability of the application in question. Rather than just being a smaller, more compact version of the main website, a mobile app is something which has been especially built to work on smaller, hand held devices. At their best, apps like this should demonstrate a seamless mixture of content, function and ease of navigation, using the features of a mobile device, such as a touch screen, and building their functionality around such features. In purely visual terms, for example, the interface of such an app should be built with larger, clearer areas of activity allowing for easy touch screen access.

Any SEO London expert will advise you that there is a big difference between merely putting together a website which will ‘fit’ onto a hand held device and creating an app which has been built with the features of such a device in mind. Features such as GPS technology, a built in camera, motion sensors and near field communication can all be utilised to create a mobile experience which works in parallel to the main website, rather than being thought of as merely an adjunct.

From the use of images which work better with the smaller size of screen, to content which can be downloaded quickly whilst allowing for variable connectivity, handing this area of your ecommerce development over to a company with depth of both experience and skill will ensure that no detail, however small, is left to chance.

Web design companies based in London will make it their business to be fully conversant with the latest developments in the field of online commerce. Utilising the many advantages offered by mobile application development is a part of this process, and the way in which your business is represented in the hands of consumers and would be consumers as they go about their busy lives will benefit greatly as a result.

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The five best ideas for your travel website

The five best ideas for your travel website

The five best ideas for your travel website

There are many experts in web design based in London, and they are flexible enough and have a wide enough range of knowledge to be able to work on websites of all kinds. One particularly specialised area, however, and a field of commerce which has benefited hugely from the online revolution is that of tourism, and below are some of the best and most current ideas for travel web design, each one of which is designed to boost the chances of your site attracting custom.

Specific Angle

One of the key things you’ll be looking for when employing the services of an SEO expert in London is a web site which stands out from the crowd. Someone browsing the web looking for a holiday destination is likely to end up comparing a huge number of different sites and therefore a USP is absolutely vital. It may help, therefore, to focus the offer of your site in a specific are – i.e. family holidays, trips to a certain part of the world, all inclusive breaks etc.

Travel Preparations

One of the chief pleasures of any holiday is the sense of anticipation, whilst one of the greatest stresses is the amount of preparation necessary before you even leave home. Acknowledging this in your web design will help to make your site the kind of place that people return to time after time, since it will be providing a service as well as merely selling a product. Whether you opt for a simple check list of items which need to be handled prior to departure ( travel insurance, inoculations etc.), or links to other useful sites, you’ll be turning your page into a vital travel resource.

Getting Around

Don’t just sell your holidays via the usual methods – listing the beaches, beauty spots and so on – include as much information as possible. A company with experience of website design in the UK will help you to collate and display details such as how to get around once you’ve reached your destination. This will enable visitors to your site to start planning those memorable holiday trips out, meaning that your web page becomes a part of the fun in its’ own right.


A good website is a unique web site, and filling yours with personal content will help to ensure that this is the case. Experts who work on SEO in London will tell you that traffic is attracted and maintained through powerful content, and, in the travel field, few things are more powerful than the likes of original photographs, videos or written content. Whilst it may be tempting to make do with stock images and clips, the knowledge that you’ve taken the trouble of uploading your own will give your site a sense of passion which will, in turn, help to drive visitors towards becoming customers.


As with so many other online interactions, speed and ease of use are of the essence when someone is accessing a travel site. Experts in web design in London will put together an FAQ page, making it simple and quick for the casual visitor to find answers to the most common travel based queries.

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The use of web design to convert visitors into consumers

The use of web design to convert visitors into consumers

The use of web design to convert visitors into consumers

As more and more commerce gradually (and sometimes not so gradually) shifts from being based in the ‘real world’ to being strictly online in nature, the benefits of intelligent and well thought through web design become ever more apparent. Seeking the advice of experts on web design in London is now as vital to a healthy bottom line as employing the services of a good accountant.

One of the key factors to bear in mind when considering Ecommerce development is that designing and building a web page is a specialised skill. When times are hard and money scarce, meaning that expenses have to be kept to a minimum, then businesses are often tempted to save money by bringing the handling of their web presence in house. After all, most medium to small sized enterprises have their own IT experts working for them, as well as someone who’ll be in charge of putting together the likes of advertising, press releases and official printed matter. The idea that these skills can be combined in the production of a website is seductive, and would certainly keep the bills lower in the short term, but the field of ecommerce development is actually far more complex and fast moving than most people realise, and money invested on the ground floor will pay for itself many times over.

A firm which specialises in web design in London will have both the skills and the experience necessary to ensure that your online presence is an accurate and enticing representation of the kind of business you are. It has to be remembered that your online presence is now likely to be the first impression of your business that a would-be customer gets, and that if this first impression isn’t as well honed as it possibly can be, then the visitor to your site won’t spend the time to explore and make the decision to become a paying customer.

An expert in web design, for example, will know about the ways in which different colours can be used to form various impressions – from associations which might seem obvious, such as using the colour pink when appealing to women and young girls, to those which only become apparent following in depth research, like the fact that the colour blue creates a feeling of trust and security and is thus often prevalent on sites which represent banks or other financial institutions.

A firm which specialises SEO in London will be aware of all of this, and will utilise this knowledge when putting your site together. It’s not just a question of presenting the information as clearly and simply as possible, although this is important, it’s also vital to structure the site in such a way as to ensure fast, simple navigation and a logical progression from visitor to consumer. Whether you need someone experienced in travel web design, or a general SEO expert from London, calling in the professionals will be an investment which reaps multiple dividends.

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Don’t risk arranging your own travel web design in london

Don’t risk arranging your own travel web design in london

Don’t risk arranging your own travel web design in london

If you run a travel business then the chances are that you know everything there is to know about certain things – the places you take your customers to, the facilities available there, the means of travelling to the destination and the myriad of tiny details which go towards building a successful holiday. After all, the two or so weeks in the sun, on the slopes, trekking through the mountains or whatever it is that your customers think of as a good time is almost bound to be the biggest investment they will make in any given year.

That’s why a good travel business will ensure that each and every detail of the service they offer has been refined, looked at, looked at again and brought to the highest standard possible. That is the feeling you wish to engender in your customers, and that feeling should begin the instant they log on to your company’s website. It’s for this reason that travel website design isn’t something which you should even think about handling in-house. Good online commerce is a field of expertise in its’ own right, and making sure that the wealth of information a good travel site is expected to contain is arranged in a manner which is accessible, professional and persuasive is something which requires in depth knowledge of the field. If you make contact with a company which specialises in travel web design in London then the first thing they’ll set about doing is learning exactly what your company is all about. After all, the concept of ‘travel’ can mean different things to different people. To some, it means luxury in an all inclusive five star hotel, while others want to experience the rigours of hiking or camping, or just stay in the midst of the community they’re visiting. Part of your business will involve ensuring that you are fiercely focused on the particular niche which you wish to service, and a good travel web agency in London will make it their business to get to know you in as detailed a manner as possible. Your image, your ethos and the type of service you offer will all be fully assimilated and then incorporated in the final online presence.

Having got to know you, the design company will then set about putting their expertise in the field at the service of creating a site which truly represents your business. In the first instance, this will involve creating content of the highest possible quality, rich in information, detail and expertise. They will then utilise their know how to advise as to whether you should make use of the opportunities afforded by multi-media travel software. Features such as video clips, interactive mapping and online discussion forums can present information in a manner which is more powerful and direct than any number of well written and highly descriptive words. The precise balance of the site – in a way which matches depth and richness of information with speed of operation, is something which an expert company will have years of experience of creating.

Travel website design is as much an art as it is a technological exercise. A good site has to entice visitors, create a bond of trust and finally persuade them that any booking which is made will result in a holiday which more than matches up to the glossy images. Whilst you may have all the experience necessary in the field of tourism, a travel web design agency will have everything that it takes to turn this knowledge and experience into a compelling online presence.

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