25 ways to promote your website in London

There are 50 ways to leave your lover and at least 25 ways to promote your website in London

Promote your Website in London

Promote your Website in London

London online directories
London web design agencies often recommend promoting your website within London’s online directories including London web designer favourites such as: londondirectory.co.uk, Londinium.com, first4london.com, lewishamonline.co.uk, britinfo.net, greaterlondononline.co.uk, mayfair-london.co.uk, theseer.info, mertonchamber.co.uk, uksuperweb.co.uk, thebusinessonlinedirectory.co.uk, essence-of-style.co.uk, camvista.com, 118.com, and shelondon.co.uk/directory. There are more, but these online directories will help London web design agencies give your website a head start.

London Niche Magazines
The economy has hit the readership of many magazines but London niche magazines, because they have a loyal audience, seem to have survived remarkably well. There are many and varied niche magazines for a London web designer to examine and from which to determine what are the right ones for your website promotion. Here are just a few: little-magazines.co.uk, bigissue.com, imagereportsmag.co,uk, screenmediamag.com, internetretailing.net, electricalreview.co.uk, electronicsworld.co.uk, mobileeurope.co.uk, eurocomms.co.uk, and the londonmagazine.org.

Google local listing
Ideal for any business, Google local listing promotes services that are local for the person searching on the internet. Typical types of organisations that benefit from Google local listing are computer repairers, plumbers, restaurateurs, cleaning services etc. For London web design agencies, Google local listing is a good online marketing tool that is fairly inexpensive and provides the searcher looking online with key details about a local organisation or service including contact details, travel information and customer reviews.

Local networking events
The value to organisations of local networking events cannot be overstated. To give you a flavour of local networking events, here is a short list that may be recommended by your London web designer: BRX Bond Street business networking breakfast, Women Unlimited Business Club, Business Networking Afternoon, London Bridge Business Breakfast, London Hospitality Forum, Network Nouveau Business Event and 4N London Liverpool Street Business Breakfast.

Exhibition and trade shows
London agencies will often recommend that clients visit trade shows and exhibitions such as those that are hosted at the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, Olympia, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre and ExCel. Trade shows enable businesses that are using a London web designer to check out the competition; trade shows also offer scope for setting up meetings with potential customers that may be flying into London to attend an exhibition.

London portals
A good London web designer will know about most if not all of the London portals that are available for promoting goods and services within the Greater London area. Typical London portals that should be considered by London web design agencies are VisitLondon.com, businesslink.gov.uk, timeout.com/London, Londonandpartners.com, Londononline.co.uk, local council directories and local newsletters and newspapers.

Social networking
Your London web designer will know that there is no single magic bullet for promoting your website in London, but by sticking to the principle that a little and often goes a very long way, your website will gradually get known. If you haven’t already joined, then business / social networking sites that are usually at the top of web designers’ lists include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are others but those three are a must and through them you will get to know your competition and potential clients.

Locally targeted PPC
Focusing your Pay Per Click on people who are geographically located to your service or business can be very effective and is a technique that is often championed by London web designers. In simple terms, it means that you can target your Google key words, or Google Adwords, at people searching in specific, geographical areas, which is particularly useful to organisations that deliver a service that can only be delivered locally, such as a dentist or a plumber. For example, a London web design agency promoting a website offering liposuction in Harley Street, would not want to waste expensive Google PPC / Adwords on people searching for liposuction in Edinburgh.

Write informative articles
There are plenty of places that your London web designer can point you to, which are good for posting articles that inform the reader, as if they were written by a third party. Usually, at the foot of the article, your London web design agency will be able to advise you on the content of a few lines of self-publicity that includes a link to your own website.

Wikipedia wants you
Write about your product or service on Wikipedia in a genuinely informative, non-self-serving way and you may be able to include a link, amongst the competitor or related links that you should include, to your website. Your design agency in London will be able to help ensure that your copy is posted correctly on Wikipedia so that traffic is pointed to your website.

You Tube is Global
You Tube is not just for kids; everyone is using You Tube to promote their services online. In other words, ask your London website design agency to help you create an interesting and informative video that sells your goods and services and, by its name, will attract traffic and click-throughs to your website.

A Press Release like no other
There are plenty of online Press Release organisations such as PRWeb.com and iNewswire where you can publish your Press Releases for free. Web design agencies in London will be able to advise you on the content and location for your Press Release.

Blogging is still good
Blog away regularly on a section of your website or offsite in a specially established portal such as one created by WordPress or on blogger websites such as blogger.com. Your web design agency can help with content and with the use of carefully selected Key words.

Write a regular Newslettere
This is where your web designer in London can help, as creating a subscription-based Newsletter – an emailed magazine – does take time and energy to write and distribute but will, in the long run, produce many extra enquiries as your circulation grows.

More thoughts…
When you talk to your web designer you will discover that you can also promote your website by:

  • Focusing on your core products and developing a niche market
  • Regularly surveying your customers to keep abreast of current thinking
  • Analysing market leaders and what they are doing to attract customers
  • Periodically revamping your website to keep search engines and customers interested
  • Setting up a customer reward scheme for referring new customers
  • Being a contributor to forums to get good word of mouth
  • Setting up revenue sharing through Ads on complementary websites
  • Focusing on building relationships rather than settling for one-off deals
  • Looking outside of the Internet at traditional methods of marketing
  • Ensuring that your business maintains “best practice”
  • Re-connecting with former customers and offering incentives to return

If you and your web design London agency work through the list of 25 ways to promote your website, then you will definitely increase your visitor numbers and, hopefully, sales.

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