The science Of website development should complement the art of good design

The science Of website development should complement the art of good design

The science Of website development should complement the art of good design

The importance of a well designed, robustly constructed website is something which is now widely accepted in the business world. Ecommerce web development has now expanded to the point where it’s extremely likely that the average persons initial contact with your business is likely to be via its’ website. That’s why utilising the expertise of a firm with a strong track record of web design in London is such a vital step.

There is a tendency amongst many businesses to think of web design as being a wholly technical matter – a question of programming and coding. Whilst this is, on one level, the truth of the matter, it still has to be borne in mind that the vast majority of the visitors to your website, the average browser who arrives via a search engine and may or may not opt to stay and make a purchase, simply couldn’t care less about such matters. For the consumer, all the technical details in the world pale into insignificance next to the approachability and usability of the website in question. Even these technical details have to be made to work hand in hand with what might be termed the ‘feel’ of the site – the way it looks and the impression of your business which it creates, from first impression to, hopefully, checkout.

An expert in ecommerce development will tell you that building your online presence is not a quick fix or overnight task. Any website designer based in London will know that putting together a site which is truly representative and effective requires long term collaboration. They need to become a part of your business for as long as it takes to build the site, learning what makes you tick, what it is about you that’s unique and how the website can be made to reflect everything about your company. That’s where the skills of design will be used to complement the technical abilities which you might expect to be able to take for granted. Effective web design in London is about producing a site which has the organic feel of a shop or stored dedicated to your business. The site has to combine a brochure, shop window, shop floor, ordering system and much more besides, and has to do so in a manner which is intuitive (this being a question of the technical foundations of the site) and consistent ( i.e., utilising a set colour scheme and graphic look throughout). Effective SEO in London isn’t just a question of drawing visitors to your site. Most decisions are made within seconds of the landing page opening, and, since a search engine may well bring visitors to a page other than the home page, the entire site has to be put together to the same exacting standards. Given the increasing speed with which online dealings are being shifted onto hand held devices, the field of mobile application development is becoming as important as any other. Your mobile site will have to match your ‘home’ site in every way, whilst also being designed specifically for the technological specifications of devices such as iPhones and tablets

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