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Have you been to such condition when you are still missing few things from your shopping list even though you have been to shopping mall? OR Have you ever forgotten something important or something of that nature...

With taskaid smart reminder system you can set your ToDo list based at any location or based on any time.


  • Reminder: Wherever you want - Location Based
  • Reminder: Whenever you want - Time Based
  • taskaid is powered by special web synchronisation option that allows to share Location Based or Time Based reminders to other users.
  • Taskaid allows to block or unblock individuals from assigning reminders to you.
  • Advance Reminder: Next step location based reminder which buzz you when you are preset distance away from your reminder location.

Reminder View

  • Reminder Category view with Done and Undone List.
taskaid comes with Notification Support that works even when the application is not running in your Android phone for Time Based reminder.

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