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We cultivate a multi-faceted approach towards executing your website project, for designing, developing and deploying contemporary and innovative website solutions.

We provide you with different choices to design an effective site by following the 7Cs framework architected by Rayport and Jaworski.

1. Context: Sites layout and design (aesthetic dominant, function dominant or integrated approach)
2. Content: Text pictures, sound, and video that the website contains.
3. Community: The ways that the site enables user-to-user communication.
4. Customization: Sites ability to tailor itself to different users or to allow users to personalize the site.
5. Communication: The ways site enables site-to-user or two-way communication.
6. Connection: Degree that site is linked to other sites.
7. Commerce: Site's capabilities to enable commercial transitions.

We strongly believe that a website's success depends not only on how well it implements each of the 7Cs but also upon how well all of the 7Cs work together to support the value proposition and business model.

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