Education Policy Institute

The Education Policy Institute is on a mission to advance education for the benefit of the public.

Raise standards in education through rigorous data analysis, research and the exchange of information and knowledge.



The Education Policy Institute is a research institute and think tank in the United Kingdom, that aims to provide evidence-based information to policy makers and stakeholders in the education sector. With an Aim to promote education to children of all backgrounds. The Institute provides an analysis, reports and publication on various research areas ranging from school performance to vulnerable learners.








- Responsive Website Design & Development
- SEO Transition



EPI wanted an up to date website that was able to provide their users with an easy access to all the research and publications produced by the institute. The old website suffered from lack of effective content hierarchy, and content was displayed in a less efficient manner, the navigation was difficult to use and web page speed was lacking. We focused on creating a professional design that was reflective of the institute’s status and made it easy for users to find publications and articles.


What we did

  • 1Responsive website development
    Easy to view on mobile and tablet devices.
  • 2Page speed
    Website is quick to navigate and provides fast and.
  • 3Clear Navigation
    All articles, publications and analysis are categorised for an intuitive user experience.
  • 4Easy to use CMS
    Staff can add content, create new pages and manage all day to day website tasks with ease.
  • 5Online Store
    Simple ecommerce shop to purchase publications.
  • 6Online Membership
    Ability for individuals to support and apply to become a member, membership fee taken via website.
  • 7SEO Migration
    301 permanent redirection, SEO audit, Google Analytics and Search Console setup.


What we did

Website Design

Planned and executed the 301 permanent redirections

Performed SEO audit of the website and shared the recommendations

Migrated the existing tracking codes like Google Analytics

Setup the Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools



SEO Migration

  • 1Planned and executed the 301 permanent redirections
  • 2Performed SEO audit of the website and shared the recommendations
  • 3Migrated the existing tracking codes like Google Analytics
  • 4Setup the Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools


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  • Improved information architecture and visual hierarchy
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  • Optimised navigation and user experience
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  • Increased the website speed
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  • Online Store – for publication and membership


Client Testimonial

We reached out to Vsourz in 2017 with a proposal for a redesign of our website. Our requirement of a tight turnaround time for its completion proved to be no problem whatsoever for their team, who were able to deliver a high quality product at rapid pace. Both the functionality and appearance were vastly improved, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

As we have continually developed the site, Vsourz has been on hand to meet all of our requirements and demands. They are both approachable and professional. We look forward to continuing to work with the team – their services are highly recommended!

Sam Pither | Head of Media and Communications