Top-tier lifestyle brand in the Middle East

Trusted name in selling, leasing, and management of commercial and residential properties.



thegoodlife. is the first top-tier lifestyle brand established in the Middle East. While it wasn’t only a pivotal influencer on Middle Eastern sneaker culture, it was the pioneer. 

Founded in Lebanon in 2009 by a passionate collector, the brand has grown to have a strong presence in the Gulf via brick & mortar and online operations.


PHP / MySQL / FabricJS


Lifestyle Ecommerce, Top Tier Sneakers Store


UAE & Middle East


- Ongoing website development, enhancement & improvements
- Website support & maintenance
- Microsite development for the campaign



  • 1Website design & development
  • 2Feature enhancement, technical consultancy & future roadmap implementation
  • 3Technical SEO
  • 4Server administration and maintenance



The website was selling limited edition sneakers, the major challenge was to keep the website functioning smoothly, securely and at scale at the time of product launches. On product launch dates typically, the site would be hit by thousands of concurrent users.

In addition to human traffic, there would also be millions of hits by automated bots trying to browse the website and trying to make automated purchases. The challenge was to control suck bot behaviour without affecting the end user experience.

Implementation of a well thought firewall to filter and block such bots and increase the efficiency of a server with scaling up and down during peak / off-peak times.


What we did


  • 1PAYFORT payment gateway integration – a widely used and most trusted payment gateway in the middle east.
  • 2Buy now Pay later – implantation of finance feature using Tabby Finance integration
  • 3Automated and integrated operations for complete inventory management using tradegecko
  • 4Seamless integration with Aramex for shipment & tracking
  • 5Enhanced eCommerce Tracking
  • 6Implementation of Google Shopping Feed
  • 7Accurate Product Size Calculation Logic
  • 8Advanced full-text searching using Sphinx, an open-source full-text search server
  • 9User-friendly & faster one step checkout
  • 10Faster website speed using Varnish Cache implementation
  • 11Custom firewall integration on Cloudflare
  • 12Faster static and dynamic content delivery using CloudFlare CDN implementation


  • 1Responsive website development using Umbraco platform
  • 2A solution to manage properties so website user can easily browse properties and view details of the properties
  • 3Option to schedule an appointment for the site visit
  • 4Enquiry module for easy management of enquiries
  • 5360-degree view of the project / apartments
  • 6View / download floor plans of properties / projects
  • 7Dual language Website in English and Arabic

SEO Activity

  • 1Performed SEO audit of the website and implemented recommendations
  • 2Setup of analytics and other search console tools
  • 3Implemented the structured data markup
  • 4Implemented the multilingual annotation to serve local language for the local audiences



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  • Increased Conversions & Sales
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  • Increased Website Speed
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  • Increased Stability of Website
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  • Improved Server Efficiency