What Is SharePoint Application Development?

What Is SharePoint Application Development?

As the brainchild of leading tech giant Microsoft, SharePoint is one of the most effective ways to develop business-critical applications for organisation’s operating in a wide range of industry sectors. The open platform enables expert SharePoint app development teams like Vsourz to leverage various technologies for building custom web applications that elevate business value.
Our specialists have vast experience developing business apps, enterprise level apps and web portals, web parts development, custom forms and workflows, CMS, DMS, and apps for publication over catalogues, to name a few. If you’re looking for SharePoint applications development services that are designed to meet your unique objectives, get in touch with Vsourz today!
Feature-Rich SharePoint Apps that Amplify Productivity

Feature-Rich SharePoint Applications that Amplify Productivity

Dynamic SharePoint web applications are the efficient way to reach your business goals. Find out how below.

Reach Your True Potential Through
Microsoft SharePoint Application Development

Our end-to-end SharePoint app development services put you in the best position to
fulfill your business potential. Thanks to SharePoint’s open platform, we can leverage a
range of technologies to deliver custom apps that meet your unique requirements.

Cloud-Based App Development

No matter how complex your requirements might be, you can rely on Vsourz to deliver dedicated cloud-based applications including Office 365 and SharePoint online in addition to SharePoint on-premises solutions.

Custom App Development

Upon understanding your IT objectives, our development team proceeds to designing the features and components that will effectively impact your business. In addition to enhancing your current business systems, these apps can also be the foundation for an entirely new platform.

We specialise in scalable elements like workflows, web parts, and add-ins. Above and beyond building custom apps for SharePoint online or hybrid, SharePoint on-premises, and Office 365, we can successfully initiate deployment and provide reliable maintenance services thereafter.

Enterprise Apps

SharePoint is the perfect platform for creating business-specific enterprise apps due to its unlimited opportunities for customisation. Vsourz is home to a team that is highly experienced at developing solutions for document management, project and task management, customer relationship management, help desks, and more.

Power Apps

For even more impactful outcomes, we can seamlessly integrate SharePoint online with power apps and customise SharePoint forms in SharePoint lists. Our SharePoint apps development team has a successful track record of creating solutions that provide a consistently excellent user experience regardless of the device and platform being used.

SharePoint Mobile Apps

As a leading provider of SharePoint application services, we have the tools and expertise to deliver functional, well-designed mobile applications for all the main operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. Despite your type of business or the sector you operate within, we can help you drive growth through the mobile market.

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Development

We deliver SPFx development services that allow for deeper SharePoint customisations, which meet your unique business requirements. Leverage the latest tools and digital technologies to create seamless experiences and apps that are responsive and optimised for mobile. As an agnostic framework, React, Angular, Knockout, or any other frameworks work with SPFx.

Teams App Development

Streamline your business communications with Teams app development solutions that combine the best capabilities of Office 365. We can integrate customs apps and services to help you increase operational efficiency, improve decision-making, and build an overall more collaborative environment around current workflows and content

SharePoint Add-In Development

Make the most of our leading SharePoint Add-in development services to enhance your current solution’s capabilities. We can use internal SharePoint elements like workflows and web parts as well as third-party components such as web applications and web services to meet your unique requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you most definitely can hire our SharePoint app developers in a full-time capacity. Our specialist developers are experts in Microsoft SharePoint apps and related technologies, and will be at your disposal to assist with your projects for as much or as little as you need.
We first take the time to understand your unique requirements to ensure we develop SharePoint solutions that enable you to capitalise on the platform’s best capabilities. Everything we do throughout the development cycle is geared towards providing an optimal user experience so that your business can drive growth.
The short answer is, it depends. Every client is different, which means the requirements will also vary. To estimate the cost of a project, we factor in the scale of work, technology stacks to be used, the engagement model, and the number of developers needed, among other elements.
Do you have a SharePoint app development project that requires specialist expertise? Our team of expert developers has many years’ experience creating custom SharePoint powerapps that enhance productivity. Speak to a friendly member of the team today to discuss starting your project in more detail.

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