Online Competition Benchmarking

Know Your Competitors. Deep-Dive into Strategies. Make Smarter Moves. Stay Ahead of the Competition.

Online Competition Benchmarking

Competitor Research for Competitive Marketing Campaign

Competition benchmarking is a critical and crucial part of your business marketing plan. For every brand, the primary goal is to analyze the competitors.

Do you know who are your competitors? What your competitors are doing online? Do you know what you should be doing to stay ahead of the game and gain an edge? If not, then our competitor analysis service should be on top of your to-do list and we can help you get there. How?

Finding the Right Competitors

Competitor Analysis

Can’t play the game blind! The stepping-stone to competitor analysis is identifying who your direct and indirect competitors are and where they are from.

Competitor Analysis
Competitor Benchmarking

Competitor Benchmarking

Competitor Benchmarking

We dig deep into the competitor data to determine your true competitor. We examine the strategies, what boosts them, how they are taking the market, keywords, traffic, conversions and how you are aligned with your competitor.

Assess the Wins and Losses

Benchmark Assess

After of where you stand against competitors, we use this insight to identify what’s failing and where you can exceed to an edge.

Benchmark Assess
Benchmarking Tools

Getting More from the Tools

Benchmarking Tools

Along with the manual analysis, we use various competitor analysis tools to find out the specific sites you are competing against and the areas where your competitors are standing in front and back from your brand.

How We Measure Your Brand Against the Competitors

Our competitor analysis approach and strategy will involve a range of actionable, innovative and creative techniques that include qualitative and quantitative research methodologies:

  • Competitor Key Findings, Highlights & Takeaways
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Domain-to-Domain Comparison
  • Page-to-Page Analysis
  • Alexa Rank Insights
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Content Analysis
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Keyword Gap
  • Paid Traffic Insights
  • Organic Keywords Insights
  • Paid Keywords Insights
  • Organic Position Distribution
  • Presence over Internet
  • Backlinking Statistics
  • Local Citations
  • Social Media Presence

Key Benefits of Competition Benchmarking

Our in-depth competitor assessment program will yield benefits that can be crucial to

  • Understand the Competitive Market
  • Setting a Benchmark Metric
  • Better Targeting Customers
  • Market Potential Forecasting
  • Competitor Pricing
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Market Share
  • Leading to New Ideas
  • Insights to Potential Opportunities
  • Stay Ahead in the Competition
Let Us Figure Out Your Real Competitor

Let Us Figure Out Your Real Competitor, Strategies & Online Market Presence.

We will find out the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, strategies, compare digital presence, benchmark where you are ahead, where you are being beaten and strike the right chord for success.
Drop us a note with your research project today!