Smooth HTTP to HTTPS Website Migration Led by Experts

Smooth HTTP to HTTPS Migration


We help you eliminate the risks and secure your website.

Our fully managed safe and secure migration service ensures the website is SSL certified and pages are HTTPS. Let us handle everything from plan to implementation keeping your SEO campaign intact.

Why Move to HTTPS?

Don’t Let Google Catch You with Non-Secured

Don’t Let Google Catch You with Non-Secured

For the past years, Google initially warned website owners about pushing towards a more secure web by strongly suggesting sites to adopt HTTPS encryption. It was then the time of apocalypse. Beginning in July 2018, Google released the Chrome 68 letting it mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”.

Still not making the move? It’s time to make the switch. A warning as “not secure” in Chrome can have a severe impact on the website performance and the last thing you don’t want to end up with a drop in traffic and sales.

HTTPS Migration Services that Let You
Secure Your Website

Our team of experts conduct rigorous risk-free HTTPS migration program that involves consultation, planning, and implementation services to ensure safe migration.


HTTP to HTTPS Transition Consultation
Our experts will get in touch with you, assist and advice for a seamless HTTP to HTTPS transition.
HTTP to HTTPS Transition Consultation
HTTPS Migration Planning


HTTPS Migration Planning
The HTTPS migration planning specialists will deep-review your site and help achieve the set milestones for a successful switch to HTTPS.


HTTPS Migration Implementation
Our development team will recreate your website on a development server in order to eliminate potential risks, implement necessary changes and make the switch in collaboration with your team.
HTTPS Migration Implementation

Services that Gives You Edge with
HTTPS Migration

We craft bespoke services for a smooth migration based on scenarios, potential risks and growth opportunities. To ensure you are happy with the proposed website migration, we will set targets for SEO and development team and define the scope of work.

HTTPS Migration Pre-Launch Services

Pre-Launch Services

Pre-launch services are to be executed whilst the new website is still in the development phase. We ensure the website is in the best possible condition prior to launch. These include:

  • Existing website backup of the pages
  • Benchmark SEO data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Determining and installation of SSL certificate
  • CDN configuration, if applicable
  • Plan and set up HTTP to HTTPS redirection
  • Update technical elements, CSS, JavaScript, links, external plugins
  • Testing website on the staging server and prepare for the launch

Post-Launch Services

Post-launch services will be triggered as soon as the new site has gone live. This will focus on rigorous checking the state of the website immediately after launch to ensure everything has been implemented correctly. These include:

  • Publish the HTTPS site version
  • Implementation of rewrites and redirects in the new version
  • Monitor and map the HTTP to HTTPS migration
  • Technical SEO review to compare data against the pre-launch audit
  • Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Setup & Configuration
  • Reconfiguring Google Analytics
  • Monitor SEO data, website performance for 7 days
  • Send migration summary report
HTTPS Migration Post-Launch Services

The Benefits of HTTPS

A secure HTTPS connection will reflect the good things


Encrypting sensitive customer information submitted through the website will restrict anyone to snoop on the data.

Positive Sign by a Brand

Provide customers with an additional level of assurance for their personal information. Featuring authentic icons such as site seals and green locks shows the use of well-trusted encryption.

Customer Trust

Create trust between customers and business by providing greater security of all sensitive information passed through the website.

Improve Performance

Modern SSL can help improve the page load times and performance of the website.

Organic Visibility

Search engines favor HTTPS and help increase the visibility

We Can Help You Overcome

Our migration specialists have experience migrating more than hundreds of websites. Contact us today to avoid the headaches and stress about losing organic visibility, traffic, and business.