Educational App A platform which offers quick and simple communication between teacher and pupil Simplifies the tasks facing teachers and pupils through the power of computing

Educational App

This is an educational app which offers a quick and simple means of taking advantage of the latest technology. No matter how large your institution is, this app will set up a clear and convenient means of communication between students and teachers, with appointments, tasks, lessons and any other information made easily accessible and simple to share.
Educational App features
This educational app will allow simple and instinctive detailing and sharing of vital factors such as your time table, attendance figures, appointments, leave arrangements, pupil reports, travel arrangements and important announcements made in real time.
Features of Educational App
Time Table
Maximise convenience and logistical efficiency by having any and every timetabled event displayed via an easily accessible and flexible platform. Details such as the timing and location of any class or event at the fingertips of every user.
Attendance Records
All of the convenience of an integrated attendance system in digital form. An accessible and user-friendly aid to record keeping and collection with the following benefits:
  • A reduction in paperwork
  • No duplication of data entry
  • Leave calculated automatically
  • Attendance of teachers and staff recorded
  • All records completely secure and confidential
Appointment System
A fully integrated appointment system will allow teachers to make multiple appointments with pupils. Appointments made can then be tracked and the full history of any responses recorded. In this way the appointment system will create a rolling, real-time record of how appointments are being treated.
Leave Management App
Leave Management
The often complex issue of leave management simplified and streamlined. Students can ask for leave via the app, and teachers can approve or decline quickly and easily. Benefits include:
  • Precise records of leave requested and granted or declined
  • A system which is transparent for all parties involved
  • Promotion of the institutions overall leave policy
  • Ease of compliance with that policy
  • Open channels of communication between students and teachers
  • A robust framework which promotes discipline
Report System
The reports which are vital to monitor student progress, attendance and achievement can be uploaded and accesses via one user-friendly online system.
Student Progress Reporting System
Transport to and from any institution will be simplified and streamlined by allowing students and parents to track and access the details of any bus journeys. An administrator in charge of the app will also be able to monitor drivers to ensure adherence to aspects such as specific routes and speed limits.
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Task Management
Administration made easy, when students and teachers can easily add tasks to the app and then track those which are pending or have been completed.
A specific module will be created in order to provide a one stop shop for all announcements on policies, events and any other information which needs to be widely and quickly disseminated
Real Time
A totally responsive and reactive system is guaranteed by the ability to post real-time announcements, providing students, teachers and parents with the information they need exactly when they need it.
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