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Next.js Development Services

Our primary goal is to create solutions for your business that are original, groundbreaking, and truly unique. With an in-depth understanding of your business needs, we develop full-stack applications with a strong emphasis on velocity, scalability, and superior performance.

Next.js Consulting Services

Utilize our Next.js consulting services to get answers to all your queries and obtain custom tech solutions tailored to your business needs. Our business analysts scrutinize market trends, competition, and challenges to provide strategic insights, bolstering the value of your investment in Next.js.

Next.js Web Application Development

Web application development with Next.js integrates the robustness of React with server-side rendering, providing a smooth user experience. It ensures rapid page loading, enhanced SEO, and an adaptable user interface across various devices. Thanks to Next.js's dynamic data fetching and hassle-free deployment, we can construct dynamic, high-performing web applications tailored to meet your business needs.

Custom Application Development with Next.js

We utilise the capacities of Next.js to create personalized app solutions that redefine user interactions. By utilising our profound understanding of Next.js, we design unique applications that perfectly integrate with your business goals – from tailored eCommerce platforms and real-time dashboards for quick reporting to collaborative tools designed to unify your team.

Next.js Server-Side Rendering (SSR)

We appreciate the importance of an optimally performing website frontend for web crawlers. We use Next.js's inbuilt SSR capabilities to enhance website functionality and SEO performance. By pre-rendering web pages on the server, we ensure quick loading times and improved visibility on search engine results pages.

Next.js Plugin Development

To support your product's expansion, our Next.js specialists guarantee it possesses the requisite plugins. If needed, we can aid you in creating custom plugins, taking into account your end-users' requirements.

Integration with Next.js Third-Party

We provide microservices and an API-first method to build integration with the corresponding platform. We can connect various third-party platforms essential to successfully manage an eCommerce site. Platforms including ERP, CRM, and PIM can be brought together under headless commerce. Moreover, if you're already using third-party extensions with your existing website, these can also be integrated as part of our headless development services.

Next.js Upgrade and Migration Services

Whether you need help updating your app to the newest version of Next.js or require support for migrating your app to Next.js, our Next.js developers are here to cater to your business needs.

Custom Web Components

Do you have a software product that could be taken a step further? Next.js is highly effective in crafting custom web components, these can be seamlessly integrated into your existing applications, enhancing their functionality and providing users with a more engaging and diverse browsing experience.

Next.js Maintenance and Support

We're there for you every step of the way. Vsourz offers comprehensive Next.js maintenance and support services, ensuring reliable performance and growth potential for your business application. With regular updates, bug fixes, and around-the-clock support from our expert Next.js team, we ensure uninterrupted system functionality.

Next.js - A Paradigm Shift in Web App Development

Code Splitting

Code Splitting

Effortlessly divide code into manageable pieces and serve them to your end-users only when needed, reducing the size of your app's payload.


Next.js pre-renders your web application on the server, delivering HTML pages that are easily indexed by search engines.
Server-Side and Client-Side Routing

Server-Side and Client-Side Routing

Our approach pre-renders every webpage beforehand, incorporating a minimal amount of JS code to fully interact using either server-side or client-side routing.
Efficient Component Reuse

Efficient Component Reuse

Our developers can reuse the components of other applications built previously, saving time and effort, and accelerating the development lifecycle.
Features and Functionality

Features and Functionality

With Next.js, we can create everything from interactive dashboards for real-time data visualization to dynamic landing pages with personalized content for effective lead generation. It can be used to design secure and user-friendly portals, improving user satisfaction, and strengthening client relationships.
Prefetching of Application

Prefetching of Application

Next.js-based applications load optimized code at the backend to enhance loading performance, helping businesses to provide a swift, responsive web app for a better user experience.
TypeScript Support

TypeScript Support

Next.js comes with built-in TypeScript support, providing a no-configuration setup and in-built types for pages, APIs, and more.
Built-in CSS Support

Built-in CSS Support

Next.js has inherent CSS and SaaS support, enabling the import of CSS files from JavaScript files and extending the import beyond JavaScript.

Our Expert Next.js Developer Tech Prowess

Build your Dedicated Next.js Development Team

Kickstart application development with our commitment to delivering value – in the form of a strong foundation for your software idea. For your app project, our development team is fluent with every feature of the Next.js framework. Reach out to us if you intend to craft an outstanding front end for your web and mobile applications. Our dedicated Next.js developers continuously stay informed about the newest stack and carefully build every aspect of your software with rich user experiences and quick feature development. Employ competent developers experienced in absorbing product knowledge and perfectly aligning with your in-house team to deliver robust software solutions precisely as you envisioned.

Accessto a Pool of Skilled Next.js Resources

Our knowledgeable managers assist you in hiring Next.js developers.

Enjoy Effortless Administration

From NDAs to team setup and onboarding processes, Vsourz gives you a commitment to dedicated hiring.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Our Dev team is proficient with the necessary tools and systems as per updated trends. As a result, when you hire Next.js programmers from us, your project gets a quick start.

Proactive Keeping the Track

We keep track of the KPIs and productivity metrics of each programmer and control the product quality of each feature of your app.

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