There are no secrets in the creation of a marketplace. Simple good ideas that build connections.

Travel Marketplace

Design & Branding

Contemporary layouts and designs for following pages:

Flight Comparison Section

By entering desired search criteria, the user can have the latest flight results from different vendors and multiple airlines. The user can compare flight prices from different vendors and then book the desired flight from the vendor’s website.
  • Compare site section
  • Meta Search Functionality
  • Receive flight results from different vendors
  • Flight results display in List View and Grid View (Tab Display)
Ability to filter flight prices displayed in content area based on the following parameters:
  • Filter By Price
  • Filter By Stopovers
  • Filter By Flight Timing
  • Filter By Duration
  • Filter By Airports
  • Filter By Airlines
  • Ability to sort flight prices displayed in content area based on the following parameters:
    • Sort By Price
    • Sort By Duration
    • Sort By Direct Flight
    • Sort By Departure Time
  • Email me results
  • Name Your Price – mention your desirable flight price. The system will notify the user as and when such flight result is received
  • Same Search On – user can perform same search on other vendors’ sites and get a comparison
  • Advertising banners display
  • Flexible date flight comparison


  • Ability to display dynamic search widget on other websites (Affiliate)
  • Ability to generate white label automatically with standard colour and theme
  • Ability to provide feed access to affiliate partner

Travel Deals

  • Ability to setup deal of the week to display the cheapest travel deal
  • Ability to display travel deal banner

SEO Management

  • Automated Sitemap Generation
  • Google Sitemap Generation
  • SEO Optimized Pages


Multi-Country Support

  • Ability to serve the preferred country version to customers
  • Ability to setup default departure airport for each relevant country

Multi-Language Support

  • Ability to display page content / flight results in multiple languages

Email Manager

Ability to manage content of all emails that go to customer / affiliate partner from the website with flexibility to use dynamic content place holders like $customerName, $whitelabelDetails etc.

Content Management System

  • Create unlimited number of CMS pages
  • Ability to add, edit, delete pages
  • Create Links
  • Link to Documents
  • Page Specific Meta data – title, keywords & descriptions

Vendor Management

  • Add / Edit / Delete Vendors
  • Supported route list of vendor
  • Supported currency of vendor
  • Setup revenue / CPC for vendor
  • Ability to setup different vendors for different affiliates
  • Ability to setup different vendors for different white labels
  • Ability to send request with desired search criteria on vendor’s server using vendor’s API service and receive flight responses


  • Search Statistics
  • Click statistics
  • Total Searches / Clicks by airports
  • The system will allow any statistics to be filterable by date, airports, affiliates, white label etc.

Combined Products

  • Ability to search and book hotels, cars and holiday packs in the desired destination
  • Ability to filter search results


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Click Tracking
  • Google Adwords Tracking


  • News
  • Newsletter
  • Archive
  • Contact Us
  • Affiliates
  • White Label

Affiliate Login

Affiliate partner can login to admin panel using credentials provided to them and check search statistics and click statistics generated from the search widget OR data feed they are using

Vendor Login

Vendor can login to admin panel using credentials provided to them and check clicks done from main site onto their server to compare with their booking statistics