Websites for pharmacies

Websites for pharmacies

A custom made website which allows you to be there for your customers anywhere and any time.
Over the years we’ve built up huge expertise in the art and craft of designing pharmacy websites. We’ll combine that with everything you know about running your business.
Website Design for Pharmacies

First class website designs for first class pharmacies!

Over the years we’ve built up huge expertise in the art and craft of designing pharmacy websites. We’ll combine that with everything you know about running your business.

Our in-house design team will utilize the WordPress content management system to put control firmly in your hands. You’ll be able to contact your customers, update the content of your website and work simply and intuitively across every platform. Total control of your pharmacy is the promise we make.

A new website - as easy as one, two, three

There’s no long waiting period while we design and build your site, and the price we quote is the price we deliver for, with no exceptions. We keep things simple by being available throughout to answer your questions
Consult with us

Consult with us

Members of our customer service team are ready and waiting to explain exactly what each of our features offers. We’ll answer any questions you may have, and guide you toward making the best decision for your business.

Choose your package

Choose your package

The packages we offer have been designed to work for pharmacists of all different shapes and sizes. From large businesses with numerous branches to small scale independent pharmacists, we’ll have a package that meets your needs.

Ready to launch

Ready to launch

We always work to the timescale we’ve agreed, and never miss a deadline. When we agree a date, that’s when your site will be ready to launch, packed with the features we agreed to provide.

Why you need an online presence

In simple terms you need an online presence because your customers will expect nothing less. Online shopping is now the norm, and this applies to medicine as much as any other field.

If your customers aren’t using your pharmacy website, you can be certain they’re using the competition.
It’s not all about sales. When they access a pharmacist website, modern customers expect to be able to Order Repeat Prescriptions. If you don’t offer this service, they’ll find a pharmacy that does.
Your business needs to take a similar approach toward providing an Online Doctor, something which is becoming increasingly popular. In the meantime, effective online marketing is needed to ensure your site rises closer to the top of the Google rankings. After all the best pharmacy website in the world counts for nothing if your customers can’t find you.
The same principle applies to the increasingly popular concept of an online doctor, and effective online marketing is genuinely the only way of ensuring that your pharmacy comes out near the top of Google rankings. This is how your prospective customers will find you, and if they can’t find you, they can’t use you, it really is that simple.

Online Presence of Pharmacy Websites

Open the channels between your customers
and your pharmacy

Xpand Package

You can choose a professional design that fits the branding of your pharmacy. Features such as a list of opening times and services come as par for the course, and the whole site will be presented in an easily navigated manner. Customers will be delighted to find a site which loads quickly and runs smoothly and intuitively.

Xcite Package

Our custom design package involves our design experts crafting a bespoke branded site which carries all of the information required. Working in close liaison with you, we’ll design an online presence which captures your wider branding and contains all the information your customers will require.


By designing a site around the principles of ecommerce, we’ll not only drive your business forward by bringing in more income, we’ll also create a hugely effective platform via which you can contact and liaise with your customers anywhere and everywhere.
Prescriptions in Pharmacy Website


Provide the convenience and reliability of online prescription ordering
Mobile Prescription Orders

A website that meets all of your business needs

The Pill Manager app will be fully integrated, thus offering a complete customer service. Our websites are designed and built to attract visitors and convert them to customers.

Patient care delivered via our platforms

We’ll build a site which allows patients to go online and manage their medication in complete safety.

Marketing that achieves measurable results

Search engine optimization, email marketing and social media interaction are amongst the digital marketing tools we’ll use on your behalf. By utilizing the best of each, we’ll drive your business to even greater heights.

Keeping things simple

Our Patient Manager software allows you to manage online prescription requests in a speedy and convenient manner.

Frequently asked questions

On average depending on the package we aim to have a complete website delivered within 10-15 working days.

This will depend on if this is a new website development or if you have an existing website, we will discuss the full scope and requirements with you before starting the project.
Once the website is completed you can create unlimited pages, we will design all the main pages and provide a few layouts which can be used to create new pages.

Yes, we can provide servers and can host the website for you for a competitive price. You will need to get a domain name from a domain registrar and we can advise you on how to do this.

Yes, all our websites are provided with an admin system that you can use to add new content.

Websites vary depending on the requirement, drop us a message for a free quote ‘contact us’.

Yes as a standard feature all websites we build will be ‘responsive’ to the screen size and adapt accordingly to the device.
Depending on the type of website you have chosen you will be able to sell products online.

Please contact us and one of our account managers will contact you to discuss the best package for your pharmacy.

Yes, we can provide a range of digital marketing services to help you gain visibility online. Please contact your account manager or drop us a message here ‘contact us’.

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