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An overview about Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is built on the foundations of Apache Lucene, a powerful real time analytics and search engine. It is simple, freely available, can be picked up quickly, RESTful and distributed. The range of uses which Elasticsearch can be put to include the following:

The benefits of Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch Services

We provide development services for search and analytics applications utilizing Elasticsearch. These development services are full-stack and end-to-end.

Set up of cluster

Set up of cluster
We work with you to design and build a cluster for your Elasticsearch application which is high-performing, fault-tolerant and scalable. Our work will be provided on the basis of current usage trends and data growth.
Set up of cluster
Production Roll-out


Production Roll-out
An iterative production roll-out is a vital part of any development. While it’s taking place we offer performance tuning and system monitoring, making adjustments to the application behavior and server configuration whenever needed.


Elasticsearch Support
We provide ongoing monitoring of your application via our DevOps team to ensure optimal performance. Any potential issues will be diagnosed and resolved in a speedy and proactive manner.
Elasticsearch Support
Review of Search Services

Review of search services

Review of Search Services
We find a suitable approach to enable quicker queries and create index designs, filters and the best document structure for your app. Our development services will enable multi-application and multi-tenancy support.

Performance and scalability review

Performance and Scalability Review
We ensure that the architecture and infrastructure we put in place can grow to meet your changing requirements.
Performance and Scalability Review
Review the Data Load

Review the data load

Review the Data Load
We design and implement an approach which enables the loading of millions of documents into Elasticsearch without any slowdown in querying, loading, and without data loss.

Architecture for disaster tolerance

Architecture for Disaster Tolerance
We make sure that the application we provide you is prepared for any emergency, by reviewing the architecture, providing backup and replication solutions.
Architecture for Disaster Tolerance

How to use Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch can be used with all types of data, whether structured or unstructured, including numbers, text and geo. Full-text search is just the start of the story for organizations across the globe which use Elasticsearch.

Why work with Vsourz?

We put client satisfaction at the heart of everything we do when we deliver unique solutions. We concentrate on including features which are intelligent, user-friendly and value adding, with high quality code, which is user friendly, scalable and secure.

Excellent Service

Our expert developers are proud to boast that they will answer your questions quickly and clearly.


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Easy to Use

We always work with an appreciation of the end-user experience. We understand that user-friendly software often equates to business success.

Optimum code

Our project leaders will undertake regular reviews of the code used in order to maintain security, speed and scalability.

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We work with clients from all around the world, involved in a huge range of industries. Building large scale applications for companies of all sizes has enabled our developers to build their expertise in Elasticsearch. This experience will work to your advantage, as we deliver a high-performance system which can be scaled up to handle billions of documents.