Magento Consulting Services

Magento Consulting

We understand every different aspect of Magento because we design, develop and support sites for a range of ecommerce businesses. If you have any Magento related questions, you can be sure that our Certified Magento Consultant will have the answers. We’ll help with aspects such as the following:

Our experts become your experts, joining your team and offering support and advice. Any aspect of the way in which Magento impacts your business will be covered, and we’ll be on hand whenever you need us.

Make us a part of your team or treat us as independent experts. The choice is yours and the results are guaranteed – Magento expertise driving your business forward.

Magento consultant support and advice


If you become aware of a new magento feature which would enhance your business, we’ll upgrade your site with the minimum disruption.


Our team of Magento experts won’t simply modify the way in which your store functions. They’ll make sure that all changes are implemented without impacting on the responsive, intuitive and accessible nature of your site.

Magento Module Development

Your store is unique and you want every part of it to reflect that uniqueness. We will design custom modules which do exactly that, and we’ll do so quickly and at market leading rates.

Magento Migration

If you already have a store and want to move across to the Magento platform, we’ll make that happen for you.

Integrate Third Party Options

Whether you need to integrate a payment gateway or a third party application, our Magento developers will make sure it works seamlessly.

Performance Under the Microscope

Our Magento experts will analyze every aspect of the performance of your site. By investigating in depth and from top to bottom, we’ll maximize aspects such as stock control, invoicing, transaction rates and the all-important user experience.

Why hire us as your Magento consultants?

We’ll streamline and enhance the
performance of your store.

We’ll build a site which works seamlessly
with all major search engines.

We work quickly and deliver projects
within budget.

We provide Magento solutions which work
today and can be scaled up in the future.

We provide the tools and support to
achieve success going forward.

Affordable eCommerce that grows with your business
Our in house team of Magento experts are ready and waiting to work with you. We’ll analyze your ecommerce requirements and craft a tailor made solution which meets and then exceeds your needs.

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