PHP support and maintenance

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. For starters, there’s day-to-day operations, people management, marketing, and customer service. Another essential component of your business success is a website. Not only does it need to look good, but you need a website that runs seamlessly and is always up to date. For this, leading developers turn to PHP. But it’s not just a case of uploading your content, making it live, and leaving it at that. To ensure your website meets the needs of your customers, and your internal objectives, you need regular PHP maintenance.


At Vsourz, we offer PHP support and maintenance to businesses of all sizes. From functionality support and bug fixes to platform optimisation and enhancements, we help businesses boost their offerings with reliable and smooth web applications. This leaves you to focus on other business-critical tasks that drive growth.

Accelerate Your Business with Our PHP Support & Maintenance Services

PHP Support & Maintenance Services

Design Upgrades

Enhanced features and an improved interface will not only boost the customer experience on your website but also the look and feel of it. Our team are also experts when it comes to ensuring your website is SEO-optimized and responsive for mobiles. Don’t worry if you want to keep the same content and domain as that’s possible too.

PHP Website Backups

If you never backup your website, you’re at risk of losing a huge amount of data if you ever need to restore it or experience a safety breach. Our team is experienced in managing a range of databases of various sizes in several different sectors. Plus, whether you want a full backup or a partial backup, we have a safe and secure system in place.

Technology & Platform Upgrades

With regular monitoring and PHP analysis, you can easily see if your application needs to be updated. Whether it’s internal technology changes or external third-party updates, we ensure that your platform is up to date and running seamlessly.

Fixing Bugs & Troubleshooting

Bugs and errors can take place when you least expect it, impacting the design, speed, or configuration of your website. At Vsourz, we can quickly troubleshoot any issues and prevent them from happening again. Plus, our quick turnaround means your website will be back to full health in no time.

Optimizing Website Speed

In this day and age, website speed should be a huge priority for online businesses. After all, it’s directly linked to customer satisfaction, bounce rate, conversions, and SEO. By optimizing images, tweaking the coding, and ensuring the latest updates are complete, we can help your business fire on all cylinders — with an online performance to match.

Security Updates

Outdated applications and errors are one of the biggest causes of security breaches for websites. With regular PHP security updates, you can ensure your website, and its data, is protected from malware and hackers — all while prioritizing the safety of your customers too.

Module/API Creation & Integration

Looking to increase the efficiency of your website applications? A PHP module or extension can boost your business performance and enhance the functionality. Plus, with our expertise in API creation and integration, you don’t need to worry about any downtime.

Patches & Installing & Upgrading Plugins

Want to enhance certain app functionality? We can help you to rollout patches and plugins for various features and platforms. This will put you in a much better position to enhance the experience for your value customers every time they interact with your business.

Technical Support & Training On-Demand

Our support doesn’t end there. At Vsourz, we understand that sometimes you might need additional guidance. For this reason, we offer on-demand PHP long-term support — whenever you need it.
Choose Vsourz as Your Trusted Partners

Choose Vsourz as Your Trusted PHP Support & Maintenance Partner

Our PHP development company has built a reputation for effective support and maintenance packages that cover businesses across various industries. We’ve helped many organizations maximize their website applications to provide seamless online experiences. This not only improves overall customer satisfaction but increases conversions and referrals.


While you might consider overseeing the maintenance yourself, we ensure that any issues are identified quickly and maintenance is carried out proactively and thoroughly. From website security and speed optimisation to ongoing support and design enhancements, our team is here to help.

PHP maintenance and support services FAQs

PHP maintenance and support ensures your website is in the best possible condition. Without it, you might not know about harmful bugs and errors and your applications won’t be as responsive as they could be. This can all impact the overall experience of your website and your business’ bottom line.
This depends on your website, its complexity, any issues identified, and the solution required.
After migration, it’s important to regularly check and maintain your website. This is so that you can identify any potential problems and prevent them from having a bigger impact on your overall web performance.

Each PHP version comes with updates — minor and major. You might not always notice the difference but it’s essential to ensure your website works as it should. Not just that but it’ll keep your applications secure too.

Yes, we do. At Vsourz, we support businesses of all types and sizes. This means no matter what stage of the business or website journey you are, our experts have the knowledge and technical expertise to deliver effective PHP support and maintenance services.

Having issues with your PHP applications?

Monitoring, updating, and fixing — we take care of your website applications so you can enjoy all the benefits of offering a seamless online experience to your customers.