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Why Scala JS Programming Language

Why Scala.JS

Why Scala JS Programming Language

Scala is a modern and up to date programming language, expressing common programming patterns in a manner which is not only type-safe but also elegant and highly concise. It can integrate features of object-oriented and functional languages in a manner which is smooth and seamless.


By bringing together object-oriented and functional programming in a single, high-level language, Scala.js delivers each and every time. There are solid, easily measured business reasons to make use of Scala.js. The factors listed below are technical in nature, but they feed through directly to advantages which can be noted and measured on the bottom line.

Error Free

Scala Js Error Free Code
The strong typing offered by Scala enables the creation of code which is free from common errors such as typographical errors in method names, mixing strings, numbers and forgetting the keys for a specific object. Scala.js handles administrative tasks of this kind on your behalf, enabling developers to focus clearly on the problem which an application is being created to deal with.
Scala Js Error Free Code
High Performance Scala Js code

High Performance

High Performance Scala Js code

Scala.js turns the Scala code created into super-efficient JavaScript. Working with incremental compilation means that turnaround times become speedy when the code is changed.


Scala Js Interoperable

Scala.js works extremely well with a range of JavaScript libraries including AngularJS and React. Using the Scala.js code it is possible to work with the JavaScript library of your choice, in a dynamically typed or static method. The process is so smooth that developers aren’t even aware they are switching between languages.

Scala Js Interoperable
Scala Js Integratable


Scala Js Integratable
When you use Scala.js, it becomes possible to do something as convenient as making method calls across the client-server boundary in a quick, simple and highly effective manner. The calls made are transparent as well as statistically checked, which means that any mistakes – such as problems with the route name or expected parameters – will be picked up before manual testing takes place.


Scala Js Extensions

In many cases, the requirement for a domain-specific application means that a developer has to work with a domain specific language extension. Working with Scala.js, on the other hand, offers access to a unique range of language mechanisms which enable the quick and simple addition of new language constructs.

Scala Js Extensions


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Quick Start

Our experienced and expert team makes sure that your project gets off to the best possible start. We’ll work closely with you to deliver a highly effective initial iteration and transfer the knowledge developed to your own team.

Total Delivery

Whether you come to us with an existing project or initial ideas for something new, we can work with you to run and support it for as long as delivery takes.

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If an existing project has become bogged down in problems, we can diagnose exactly what has been going wrong and offer the solutions needed to get you moving in the right direction again.



Our team of experts has experience developed from working in a varied range of sectors including media, government, education and finance. We put together the solutions our clients need by working across disciplines such as machine learning, functional programming, distributed systems, big data, web and mobile development.

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