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E-commerce apps, smartphones and mobile connectivity have altered shopping habits forever.
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Key Features

Simple Notification

Push notifications enable you to communicate directly with your customers. Promote deals, advertise special offers or simply inform them when goods they searched for are back in stock. Notices can be tailor made for each customer, maximizing the impact.

Rich Push

Rich messages offer the next step toward making a vital connection with your customers. The use of images helps to make any push notification you send more powerful, informative and effective.

Rewards System

A well-planned rewards system can play a huge role in enhancing the engagement of your customers. By offering free gifts, money off purchases or an accumulation of rewards which can be used in the future, you’ll be encouraging users to return to your E-commerce store for multiple visits.

Customized Themes

Customized themes mean that the user can change the look and feel of an app quickly and easily, creating a sense of ownership and helping to build a bond between the customer and your E-commerce brand.

Multi-Lingual App

In a global marketplace, the fact that an app is multi-lingual can provide a massive boost to the reach of your brand and enable you to tap into markets your competitors might be struggling to break.


Customers expect convenience and ease of use, and a multi-currency function ticks both of those boxes. Enabling people to pay in international currencies such as USD, GBP, EURO, AED, YEN, INR – to name just a few – will mean that customers around the globe can shop with you at any time.

Multi-Store View

Enable customers to compare the availability of an item across multiple stores, based on factors such as geographical location and seasonal availability.

  • Compare costs
  • Compare across the price range
  • Select payment options
  • Compare delivery options


The User can monitor the transportation things. It can likewise drop or refresh the continuous requests. It can get the present status and points of interest of the delivery things. Administrator can track the status of delivery thing from the backend.

Payment Gateways

The app offers a variety of payment options including Card Instalment, Online Payment and Third Party Payment.

Easy Registration Process

The registration process for clients has to be kept as simple and speedy as possible. A long and complex process – or one which expects clients to divulge excessive data – will simply encourage potential customers to look elsewhere.

Easy Chekcout

Checkout should be a quick and simple process, making use of data already provided and allowing customers to add details such as a change of address or any delivery charges.
The easier it is for customers to check out, the more money they will spend with you.

Complete Synchronization

Synchronizing improvements you make to the app with the rest of your E-commerce site could be a long and tedious process
. Having the two aspects of your business synchronized automatically will keep things running smoothly throughout and maintain a seamless customer experience.

Review & Rating

The app enables customers to create and upload feedback on the goods and services you offer. Feedback of this kind is an invaluable asset for any customers visiting your E-commerce store.

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