Your limitless
eCommerce platform

Vsourz combines multiple integrations, scalability and a dedicated team of experts to offer a breadth of technical support to growing business. We offer a true B2B service that gives you the best competitive advantages in an ever increasing global market.
Your limitless eCommerce platform
Put a smile on every customers face!
The majority of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online, with self-serve information, direct from vendors. In today’s crowded B2B marketplace, buyers demand an intuitive, user friendly shopping experience mirroring elements of a B2C marketplace. Here at Vsourz, we can help you create an outstanding B2B experience that exceeds customers’ expectations and stand out amongst your competitors.

Memorable tech for every user

Business buyers often need the ability to purchase on-the-go. By creating engaging, mobile-optimized experiences you’ll encourage your customers and sales staff to place orders on any portable device, at any time.

Make your B2B eCommerce platform unique!

Choose the order management system to organize, optimize and efficiently operate your business.

B2B catalogue Management for your business

Highlight the products your customers most want, to show you are the right person to fulfill their needs. You can create an unlimited amount of catalogs and choose to assign to one or more customers so you can control your products offerings with ease.

Account Management

Considering limitations of access for each user is a vital. Management of each users access can be controlled by both the seller and chosen buyers. This allows them to manage the access levels to information such as product catalogs, pricing for groups or individuals.


You can give one or more of your customers an unlimited number of discounts, markups and volume price structures.

Make time consuming inventory management a thing of the past

Don’t waste time on manual inventory management, control your stock wherever, manage sales and make purchases in a few simple clicks.

Order Management

An order management system can be one of the biggest advantages to any eCommerce business, Increasing efficiency and making orders swift and easy to complete.

Reports and Analysis

With this integration you can have a complete understanding what works and what doesn’t on your site. See best sellers, who is selling it, on what accounts, or create reports of your own.

Make you business applications slot in

To better your efficiency and lower your operating costs, Integrate applications such as CRM, Email marking tools (e.g. MailChimp) and Shipping to streamline your business operations.

Order Management

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