Amazon Marketplace Integration in Magento 2

By Vsourz - 02 August 2019
Amazon Marketplace Integration in Magento 2
Integrate your Magento 2 website with Amazon Seller Central using the Official Magento Amazon Sales Channel Extension

Magento has officially announced the integration with Amazon Seller Central using the Amazon Sales Channel extension. This integration further enhances the Magento omnichannel experience. We were excited to see this feature announced and right away started reviewing the Amazon Sales Channel ( extension advertised by Magento.

Amazon Sales Channel extension is advertised as an end to end solution that helps Magento users to seamlessly sell their products on Amazon Marketplace. This is a core Magento extension developed by the Magento team to integrate your Magento website with your Amazon Seller Central account. Product and Order data are synchronized automatically enabling you to not worry about different sales channel. You can manage your business on multiple channels using single Magento dashboard.

What features are provided by the extension?

  • Catalog Synchronization: The extension provide synchronization between your Amazon Seller account and Magento website. You can synch your products from Amazon seller account to Magento.You will have to map your product attributes to that of products on Amazon to establish a bridge. The main attributes are: UPC, EAN, ISBN, and ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)
  • Limitation of Catalog Synchronization:
    • Amazon sales channel can’t create product listing on Amazon seller central. It needs to be created manually on Amazon seller central and then can be linked with Amazon sales channel using ASIN number.
    • Bundle, Group and Gift card products are not supported by Amazon seller channel, and hence can’t be integrated.
  • Product Pricing for Amazon Listing: Magento has provided two options to set your product pricing
    • Standard Price Rule: This allows you to increase or decrease Amazon listed product price by a specific percentage or fixed price amount with regards to the product price on Magento.
    • Intelligent Pricing Rule: This is an interesting feature with an intelligent pricing rule. This rule determines your product prices listed on Amazon based on other Amazon competitors pricing. This will help you set your price in accordance to other sellers selling same product on Amazon.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory of products can be unified. The stocks will be synched from Magento to Amazon Seller Central account. This tool can also be used for advertising and creating a sense of urgency in the buyer. For example, you can have multiple stocks. However, to create a sense of urgency in buyer, you can always keep the stock as 1 or 2 and can update once that stock is sold.It also has an option of fulfilment. If you as a merchant are fulfilling the order, select ‘Fulfilled by Merchant’ option which will manage the inventory from your store and reduce it from the Magento catalog once the order is placed on Amazon. If Amazon is fulfilling the order, select the ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ option, and this will not deduct the quantity from your Magento catalog.
  • Order Management: Amazon sales channel imports the order placed on Amazon hence enabling merchants to manage all orders from single dashboard. When an order is placed on Amazon, a pending status is assigned to it. The order is then verified by Amazon and after confirmation is assigned “Unshipped” status. This is when Amazon sales channel imports the order from Amazon Seller Central to the Magento website.Amazon Sales Channel can manage Amazon orders which includes emailing to buyer, fulfilling the order directly from Magento, issuing credits/refunds, adding comments etc. To sum up, the whole order processing can be managed from Magento.Amazon Sales Channel will sync your order information with your Amazon Central Account. All updates are stored in Amazon Central Account too.
  • Amazon B2B Price: This feature enables Merchants to purchase from each other. Businesses can offer tiered pricing based on the quantity purchased.Amazon Business is open for Amazon registered business accounts, and only available in the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. If the marketplace allows B2B business, then Amazon B2B price will work.

Will this extension work for all Amazon websites?

Magento hasn’t officially named the country this extension will work for. However, it should work for all countries which has native Amazon website. We have checked this extension for the (UK) United Kingdom and the (US) United States.

Planning to integrate your Magento 2 website with Amazon?

Over the years, we have integrated various websites with Amazon marketplace. Before ‘Amazon Sales channel’ extension was released, we used CSV import, M2E pro and other extensions. Having a native support to Amazon is a great step in the right direction and we expect the extension to improve further.

If you are planning to integrate your Amazon Seller Central account with your Magento 2 website, get in touch with us and our expert Magento team will do the integration for you.

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