Boost Productivity & Peace of Mind

Boost Productivity & Peace of Mind

Many organisations turn to SharePoint managed services to track SharePoint performance, resolve technical issues, and enhance features for optimal functionality.

As a result of the ever growing reliance on SharePoint and the additional development requirements needed by businesses, hiring and retaining experienced developers and administrators is increasingly becoming a challenge.

By working with an expert SharePoint managed services provider like Vsourz, you essentially free up more time to focus on other critical areas of your business that directly impact growth.

SharePoint Managed Services that Lead to Secure,
Scalable & Robust Digital Workspaces

We have a full suite of SharePoint managed services to ensure your solution and connected apps are always running at peak performance.

SharePoint Monitoring

We monitor a variety of SharePoint metrics to stay on top of any system errors in real time and then react accordingly to quickly resolve issues.

System Performance Check

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your solution’s components and overall performance to identify weak points and then address them thereafter.

Customisation Support

Leverage an expert team to work on your SharePoint solution’s customisation needs, including document management systems, intranets, and project management tools to name a few.

Advisory Services & Strategic Roadmap

We take the time to learn about your business, requirements, and objectives, then develop a strategic roadmap that aligns with those needs.

Integration Support

Our team of SharePoint developers is at your disposal to ensure that your SharePoint solution and connected apps including enterprise solutions, social media applications, and email systems, are all operating optimally.

Managed Azure Services

Vsourz is a Cloud Service Provider Partner, which means we are accredited to resell Azure Cloud Services. This includes hosting and Office 365 licenses that are available to our clients at friendlier prices.

Help Desk

You can get in touch with our highly knowledgeable help desk assistants for support around SharePoint functionality deterioration, critical data loss, and app issues to name a few.

Security Checks

We help you review your end-to-end SharePoint security including user permissions, security certificates and updates, and your antivirus setup to give you the peace of mind that you’re always protected.

Patch Installation

Our experts are on hand to protect your workflows and current SharePoint collaborations. We achieve this by consistently implementing the updated security patches.

Benefit from a Proactive Approach to SharePoint Managed Services

Benefit from a Proactive Approach to SharePoint Managed Services

Our extensive experience in the field has led us to establish an effective proactive approach to SharePoint management. We start with a thorough analysis of your solution’s security and overall performance, then produce a comprehensive health check report. This report details a range of identified issues including bottlenecks and vulnerabilities, and also offers solutions to address those problems.


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