Product Management

Product Management

The ultimate travel product management solution

An easy to use and efficient direct contract uploading and management tool that offers unlimited flexibility in rates, policies & allotments across all travel products from hotels to tours to car hire and insurance allowing you to sell your direct products online at the ideal margin for any date, any product, any destination.


Who are Vsourz?


With over 10 years’ experience helping major travel brands upload, manage and sell their directly contracted products, Vsourz is the #1 choice to help you get the most from your direct contracts.

Our contract system

Our contracting system allows addition of even the most complex direct contracts with diverse policies, allotments and pricing managed easily from our intuitive portal.

Our cloud

Our cloud based, multi-access, system allows you to view your current product allotments in real time and gives the functionality to allow suppliers to upload and change rates directly too.


Give your business the leading edge
with total inventory control

Here are just some of the many benefits of our contracting platform:

Reduce losses from pricing inaccuracy and cancellations due to poor policy and rate controls with our flexible, real time, hotel contract loading tool.

Sell more directly contracted product with better inventory management.

Save money on content/q&as/rate checking etc. by allowing suppliers access to update product/policy and rate information.

Reduce bookings in request due to exceptions and policies and load direct-instantly bookable rates for all products.

What We Offer

We take complicated things and make them simple

Vsourz are a leading technology company within travel with over 10 years’ experience servicing a range of travel brands, we’ve been perfecting our contract loading platform for over a decade, providing solutions for the world’s foremost travel companies.
All these improvements for a range of travel clients has led to the creation of one of travel’s best direct contract loading platforms, cutting-edge, feature rich, intuitive and customisable to any type of travel business and a range of different travel products from hotel contracts to car hire, from tour products to cruise products.

What Vsourz offer


Showcase the real time information
through contract loading

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