Our client's success and satisfaction is what makes us feel great, so we look after your businesses to make it happen.
We like to be considered an extension of your business rather than mere suppliers who are not connected to you. Your online presence is your face to the world, so we work very hard to make you look your best. The development and support we offer to ensure this can be divided into the six stages detailed below:
Market Research &
Competition study


  • Identify potential market
  • Identify market segment – geographic, age groups, economic groups
  • Identify marketing avenues for getting web traffic
  • Identify competition, their history
  • Evaluate competition strategy and their success
  • Evaluate competition prices
  • Evaluate competition websites and operations technology, size and scale
  • Search engine research: key words research to identify customer interests
  • Intellectual property rights, rules & regulations, and copyrights
Business process


  • Compete on price
  • Compete on quality
  • Target groups
  • Change management
  • Response to competition
  • Customer support strategy
  • Marketing strategy

Category & Product evaluation

  • Product mix
  • Product attributes
  • Product pricing profit margins
  • Discount strategies
  • Product images and meta data sources

Operations evaluation

  • Sales Lifecycle
  • Order processing lifecycle
  • Inventory management
  • Staffing
  • Outsourcing non-core operations


  • Integration with existing accounting packages
Strategy: system design
planning & organization

Decide on general website features based on

  • Strategy
  • Product complexity
  • Operations
  • Accounting

Decide on branding for the website based on

  • Strategy
  • Competition study and industry optimized models

Decide on optimized layout and presentation

  • Allocate Resources
    – Time
    – Finance
  • Implementation & Setup
  • Hosting
  • Payment Gateways & Processing
  • Print media
  • Channel partners
  • Field agents
  • Workplace agents
  • Online marketing
  • Search engine promotions
  • Ebay, Froogle, Amazon, Affiliate sites
Ongoing review
& enhancements
  • Conversion reports
  • Click-through rates and analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Landing pages
  • Email and Marketing campaigns
Which products do you plan to sell on the Internet? Do the products require a variety of manufacturers and product categories?
Have you clearly defined your targeted market using parameters such as age, business, region and socio-economic factors? If so, are you able to provide details?
Who do you view as your closest competition, and which business would you most wish to emulate? What do you have that marks you out from your competition, and how will you go about highlighting this Unique Selling Point via your eCommerce website?
Are there any particular discounts or other promotional offers which you would like to place upon your website?
How would you like the search feature on your website to operate – as a simple keyword search or a more advanced feature?
Do you want to offer trade accounts? Would you go as far as to set up separate trade accounts with a differentiated tariff?
Do you want to offer discounts for bulk buying of goods or incentives such as free delivery on orders above a certain price?
Do you want different types of delivery methods i.e. standard delivery or express delivery, with different methods offered at different prices?
What inventory control tools do you want to have in place? Options include having products featured on the website only when they're in stock, or to have the quantity in stock gradually reduced on a sales-made basis and then removed as soon as this number reaches zero.
What paperwork would you send out to accompany your deliveries – e.g. invoices, letters, bills etc., and would you want the system to auto matically generate this material when an order is made?
Do you want customers to be able to set up login accounts which display their previous order history?
Do you require site statistics to be collected, such as the number of customers visiting etc.?
Do you want to be able to monitor a customer's behaviour on the website, noting aspects such as which pages they visit, which objects they add to their basket and whether these products are all finally purchased or some are abandoned?
Do you want to integrate your website with Google Adwords, so that you can track sales made via Google Adwords?
Do you have an Internet merchant account? Do you have a preferred payment gateway?
Do you require an email marketing feature that allows you to send emails to registered users, taking the form of newsletters, promotions, special offers, etc.?
Do you want to provide gift vouchers or promotion/discount vouchers?
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