Overview of Node.js

An overview about Node JS

Node.js is back-end technology that enables developers to create server-side network web applications.
An open source and cross-platform technology that leads to the app development offer a speedy backend due to its use of a non-blocking, events driven I/O model. The widespread dissemination and use of Node.js can be put down to the fact that it gives great flexibility to development teams, enabling them to use their engineers in a more efficient manner.

The main benefits of Node.JS

Whether you’re a start-up or a larger and more established company, Node.js is the ideal technology for creating the web apps you need. Its rapid growth in recent years as a development tool can be traced to the fact that it offers the following direct benefits:


Productivity benefit of Node.js
The stable coding offered by Node.js, coupled with the fact that the functionality it offers is constantly being expanded, makes it the ideal tool to deliver a boost to the productivity of any development team.
Productivity benefit of Node.js
FeathersJS for Building Service Oriented Apps


FeathersJS for Building Service Oriented Apps
The key selling point of almost any technology is scalability and flexibility. Node.js offers both, being able to cope with big loads and complex tasks with recourse to much fewer sources than comparable technologies rely on.


Node.js Flexibility benefit
Node.js enables developers to build apps that can cope with a number of client applications without any issues, still delivering flawless performance.
Node.js Flexibility benefit
Node.js makes simple for front end and development


Node.js makes simple for front end and development
The fact that Node.js makes use of highly versatile JavaScript means that the back end and front end of development can both use the same language. This lack of language barriers keeps things simple and makes development a quicker, less labour-intensive procedure.

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