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As a leading React.JS development agency, we’re the trusted choice for delivering high-performance, scalable solutions using React.

Our extensive industry experience has given our development team the tools they need to bring your vision to reality. We adhere to best–practice guidelines to write clean code that ensures you receive on-brand web applications that facilitate growth for your business.

Our React.JS Development Services

We offer a wide range of professional React.JS development solutions for companies operating in any industry. Our React.JS expertise extends across all the services outlined below.
React.JS Consulting
Our knowledgeable experts provide high-level consulting services to ensure the best outcome for your React.JS projects. No matter what stage of the development life cycle you’re currently sitting, we’ll see to it that key aspects like code quality, functionality, and intuitiveness, are all meeting the best-in-class standards.
React.JS Consulting
AngularJS UX/UI Development

Interactive UI/ UX Development

AngularJS UX/UI Development
Is your focus on UX/ UI development? We’ve got you covered. Building interactive user interfaces to unique client requirements is in our React.JS repertoire. Our team of expert UX/ UI developers specialise in creating innovative user experiences that speed up and enhance the end-to-end performance of your application.
React.JS Native App Development

We have proven experience delivering feature-rich, cross-platform mobile applications using the React.JS development library. Whether you need an app for iOS or the Android platform in any sector, our expertise in this area means the final product will have high-level functionality with a user-friendly design.

React.JS Native App Development
React.JS DOM Development

React.JS DOM Development

React.JS DOM Development

At Vsourz, we specialise in React.JS DOM development to leverage a simpler programming model that speeds up processes. Our team of React development experts utilise Virtual DOM rather than DOM to improve the end-to-end coding process by re-rendering fresh changes in the user interface.

React.JS Front-End Development

Our professional React.JS developers utilise features like one-way data binding using Flux controls to manage the application workflow and lightweight DOM to facilitate the process of coding. This leads to the delivery of high-performance front-end solutions that provide exceptional end-user experiences.

React.JS Front-End Development
AngularJS Custom Development

SPA (Single Page Application) Development

AngularJS Custom Development

We use React for our SPA development service because of the library’s excellent performance benefits. This starts with operations running on the virtual DOM for rendering on the visible page when users interact with an app. Thereafter, it allows for comprehensive testing and excellent server-side rendering benefits.

Third-Party API Integration Services

Third-Party API Integration Services

Want to extend the functionality of your current systems? We’ll find the best third-party API and connect it with your application to improve your processes. If any API development work is required as well, our team of specialist React.JS developers are also on hand to provide the functionality your business needs.

Third-Party API Integration Services
React.js Plugin & Components Development

React.JS Plugins & Components Development

React.js Plugin & Components Development

Use our React.JS plugins and components development service for custom plugins and components that enhance the capabilities of your web app. Rest assured that our extensive experience in this area of React development will lead to more powerful business systems that are interactive and intuitive.

Custom Development

React.JS Custom Development

No matter how complex your requirements, our React.JS developers specialise in building dynamic applications that are tailored to your unique needs. Our expertise covers everything from UX/UI development and native app development, to plugin development including integration and migration for clients.

React.JS Custom Development
Quality Assurance Testing
Quality Assurance Testing

Our rigorous quality assurance testing service ensures your React enterprise application always meets the highest quality standards. Vsourz is home to a specialist QA team that is responsible for firstly identifying bugs and then effectively addressing any issues before your application hits the market.

Migration to React.JS

React.JS Migration

We’re experts at carrying out efficient, safe, and effective migrations from any applicable development framework to React. By using Vsourz to move your solution to React.JS, you can be sure of a seamless migration process that maintains your uptime and doesn’t affect your normal business operations.

React.JS Migration
React.JS Support & Maintenance Services
React.JS Support & Maintenance Services

Benefit from 24/7 support and maintenance services that ensure your React.JS applications are always running as they should. Our team of experts are on hand whenever you need them to help with any technical problems and maintain the performance of your React.JS solutions.

Speak to a React expert to learn more.

Our React Development Expertise

Our React development expertise is second to none. Here’s a breakdown of the technical skills our developers possess.


– Velocity.JS – Socket.IO – Redux – Canvas – KendiReact

UI Libraries/ Framework

– ReactAntDesign – Prime React – Material kit – React-bootstrap – Blueprint – Rebass – semantic UI – Chakra-UI – React Foundation – Onsen UI – Grommet – ReactStrap


– Shopify Hydrogen – WordPress – React suite – Next.JS – Express.JS – Meteor.JS – SOAP – Drupal – Spring Boot – Gatsby


– Chai – Protractor – Jest – Jasmine – Mocha – Enzyme – Karma


– Google API – Facebook API – GitHub API – GraphQL – Apollo – Instagram API – Axios – REST – YouTube API – Transpiler – Spotify API – Babel – Apple Music API – Jira REST API – SoundCloud API


– DynamoDB – CoachDB – MySQL – MongoDB – ElasticSearch – SQLite – RethinkDB – PostgreSQL

Hosting Platforms

– Shopify Oxygen – Azure – AWS – AWS EC2 – Firebase – Kubernetes – Dapr – AWS Lambda – Docker – Rackspace – Heroku – Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Designer Tools

– Figma – Invisionapp – Xd Adobe – Zeplin

Project Management Tools

– Slack – Trello – Asana – GitHub – Jira – Basecamp


– Headless – Kentico

Package Manager

– NPM – Yarn

Version Upgrade Services

– 15.0 – 16.0 – 17.0 – 18.0

The Benefits of Using React.JS

We leverage React.JS because of the numerous benefits the library brings to web development projects. Here are the main ones below.

Custom React Libraries & UI Components

Our React developers take full advantage of the library’s component-based structure by reusing elements like checkboxes, buttons and dropdown menus.

Fast Development

Whether you’re looking for web-native apps or SPAs, React.JS ensures the fast delivery of high-performance solutions.


Thanks to partial loading through Virtual DOM, React development streamlines performance and leads to better end-to-end results.


Benefit from greater control of the flow and state in your apps with React. We achieve this by efficiently updating and rendering the correct elements with changing data.

Server-Side Rendering

Through our use of React.JS development, SLAs get the benefit of rendering without the need to keep loading the JavaScript in full.

Unidirectional Data Flow

The React library’s one-way data flow leads to far greater control of the two-way data binding.

Search-Engine Friendly

React is favoured among search engines thanks to the improved readability it provides websites and individual pages, which facilitates SEO.

Hiring React Developers is Easy Through
Our Flexible Engagement Models

Choose one of our engagement models to get started on your React web development project.

Time & Material Based Hiring

Our time and material-based hiring model is perfect for clients who are yet to establish full project specifications. This gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease your React developer resources according to the circumstances.

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Fixed Price Model

Take advantage of our fixed price model if you have well-defined project specifications. We’ll establish your fixed budget for fixed man-hours and then deliver your React project by the pre-agreed deadline.

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Dedicated Developers

Build your own team of React.JS developers on a monthly pay as you go basis using this engagement model. Dedicated teams are great for larger projects that need high-level development skills over an extended period of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

React.JS is a library that focuses on the view layer of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. As such it’s a part of framework creation.
Yes, our team of experienced developers can use React to build large applications. Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your requirements in more detail.
Yes, we can. Our team of highly skilled developers are just as proficient at using React.JS to build high-quality websites as they are at creating high-performance mobile applications.
Yes, you absolutely can. We offer three engagement models that you can select based on your unique requirements. You’ll also have the flexibility to change to another model if you need to at a later stage. Reach out to our React team for assistance weighing up your options.
Yes, it’s entirely possible to modify your application after the initial launch. We also provide post launch support and maintenance if you’d like assistance from our experienced developers. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you post-launch.
The total cost of a React.JS development depends entirely on the scope of work. Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your specific requirements in detail and we’ll provide you with a more accurate cost estimation.
The duration of any React.JS development varies depending on the project specifications. Generally, the timeline for React projects is typically anywhere between a few weeks and a few months. We do however, use the agile methodology to ensure project completion in the fastest time possible while still maintaining the highest quality standards.
Yes, we do. Upon the completion of your React project, our developers are at your disposal as much or as little as you need for after-sales support and maintenance. This is the best way to ensure your solutions are always running like they should.
React.JS is the front-end JavaScript library we use to build powerful web applications. React Native, on the other hand, is the cross-platform development framework we turn to when creating intuitive mobile apps.
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