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A baseline JavaScript framework

Stimulus is a minimal JavaScript framework which, unlike many others, doesn’t involve the whole front end of your applications.
Instead of doing so, it will connect elements to JavaScript objects automatically, thus augmenting and improving the existing HTML. By pairing seamlessly with Turbolinks, Stimulus offers the chance to provide your customers with effective and quick applications, with the minimum effort required on your part.

Develop the right Stimulus solution

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up with a completely new project to launch or a well-established company which is maintaining or upgrading an existing project, our team of experts can work with you to put together solutions which deliver exactly what you need. Because every member of our team works in-house, you can be certain that we’ll deliver top quality Stimulus JS development from your first meeting to the final delivery of the product.
Stimulus solution

The concepts we work to

Stimulus delivers by combining numerous HTML patterns and styles into a compact and deliverable framework which hinges upon three concepts – controllers, actions and targets.


The fundamental organizational unit of any Stimulus application is a controller.


Actions cover the way in which DOM movements are handled in controllers. An action covers the connection between:


Targets make it possible to reference key elements by name. This makes those elements much simpler to access and manipulate.

How Stimulus JS can improve your
application development

Stimulus differs from the majority of JavaScript frameworks currently, in terms of the way in which it behaves. It will read as a progressive enhancement when our experts examine the HTML of your site:

Stimulus JS framework - the
solution for developers

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