nopCommerce Development

If you want to put the finishing touches to your website, and do so in a way which makes spending money with you as easy and intuitive as possible, then nopCommerce could be just what you’re looking for. It’s an open source ecommerce tool which will provide the solutions you’re seeking no matter what type or size of business you run. Only the most rudimentary knowledge of website building is required, and a basic level of computer skills. Easy to use and simple to install, nopCommerce will provid e solutions to help you manage your customers as they interact with your store front, arrange product delivery and, perhaps most importantly, make easy payments. Put simply, it’s the shopping cart you’ve always been looking for, and the one which your customers are expecting.
The Plus Points of nopCommerce:
  • Stability and usability which can’t be matched.
  • Flexibility and ease of control – tailor it to meet your needs.
  • As an ecommerce platform it is totally secure and easily scalable.
  • Is fully integrated with both Google and Pay pal.
  • The community of contributors it has developed is highly passionate and ever growing.

The Key Features of the nopCommerce shopping cart

  • Can map products in more than one category
  • Works in support of different categories and manufacturers
  • Provides an anonymous checkout.
  • Boasts a one page checkout
  • Can support a wide variety of currencies
  • Supports multiple stores
  • Works equally well with Export or Import (XML/Excel)
  • Allows your site to integrate live chat
  • Supports SMS notifications for the convenience of your customers
  • Provides a mini shopping cart
  • Makes it simple for customers to calculate shipping costs
  • Allows easy tracking of a customer’s inventory
  • Provides the option of free shipping where applicable
  • Allows customers to look through their history and check on the status of their order
  • Uses URLs which are search engine friendly
  • Comes with a version which is suitable for use on a mobile phone
  • Boasts easily tailored architecture based around pluggable Modules

nopCommerce also offers

  • A look and feel which can be fully customized to totally fit in with the rest of your site.
  • Marketing and merchandising tools which work smoothly and efficiently
  • A service which is both totally reliable and easily affordable
  • The chance to easily create websites which are both innovative and highly creative

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The point of a platform such as nopCommerce is that it keeps things simple. It enables you to streamline your operations and greatly increase the efficiency of your site which will, in turn, maximize the profit levels of your ecommerce business.

If you like the sound of that, and, let’s be frank, who wouldn’t, then get in touch with us straight away for a quick, no nonsense quote. We design and build stylish, user friendly, tailor made websites which utilize nopCommerce in a way which will move your business up to the next level.

and we’ll explain exactly what we could do for you. With each passing day your online presence becomes more important, and we can build you a site which provides the maximum in terms of both efficiency and profitability.