Overview of nopCommerce Development

An overview about NopCommerce Development

NopCommerce is a universal eCommerce development platform.

The fact that it works with every kind of business, from large corporate concerns to fledgling start-ups, has helped in making it the leading ASP.NET based open-source eCommerce platform on a global scale. It’s an open source ecommerce tool which will provide the solutions you’re seeking no matter what type or size of business you run. Only the most rudimentary knowledge of website building is required, and a basic level of computer skills. Easy to use and simple to install, nopCommerce will provide solutions to help you manage your customers as they interact with your store front, arrange product delivery and perhaps most importantly, make easy payments. Put simply, it’s the shopping cart you’ve always been looking for, and the one which your customers are expecting.

If you want to put the finishing touches to your website and do so in a way which makes spending money with you as easy and intuitive as possible, then nopCommerce could be just what you’re looking for.

The plus points of NopCommerce

The point of a platform such as nopCommerce is that it keeps things simple. It enables you to streamline your operations and greatly increase the efficiency of your site which will, in turn maximize the profit levels of your ecommerce business.
Range of nopCommerce features

The range of NopCommerce features

As every nopCommerce developer understands, it is a solution that is packed with vital and useful features. The comprehensive nature of nopCommerce development makes it the ideal choice for every type of user, whether you’re a new online business looking to turbo-charge growth, or an established eCommerce expert with highly specific demands. No matter what stage you’re at, the nopCommerce features listed below can deliver what you need and more, and it’s a list which is growing all the time:

NopCommerce Development Service

Customization and Development

Tell us which functionalities and features your business needs and we’ll make sure they’re in place and your store is firing on all cylinders. We can provide customization, for your nopCommerce store as well as for themes and plugins.

eCommerce Apps

Your business needs ecommerce applications which are custom designed and developed to offer exactly the features you need. The nopCommerce development experts at Vsourz have the expertise and experience to deliver them.

Multi-Store Options

The apps we build can be supported across multiple stores, enabling clients to launch a number of online stores simultaneously via a single integrated system.

Multi –Vendor Apps

Our expert nopCommerce development team can deliver apps which support multi-vendor and drop shipping options. This means that, as an ecommerce business, you can sell goods online without the need to actually ship orders or stock inventory.


Tell us the kind of checkout you need, and we can build it – from custom checkout to anonymous checkout or one-page checkout, we can make it happen.


Utilize nopCommerce development and your online store will be in the desirable position of being able to process all major debit and credit cards. In total, our nopCommerce development is able to integrate more than 50 major payment gateways and methods.

Support and Maintenance

Even the best systems are only as good as the support that underpins them. The good news is that we’ve got the hands-on experience gained from supporting a wide range of sites with built in features such as quick payments, SMS integrations, shipping and tracking.

Theme and Plugin Integration

We’ve got the combination of expertise and experience needed to develop top level mobile first themes and quality plugins. We can also enhance any nopCommerce development solution via the integration of third-party plugins and themes.

Integration Service

The turnkey integration services offered by comprehensive utilization of the nopCommerce platform include Payment gateway Shipping and Accounting Integration, Enterprise Search Integration, ERP & CRM Integration, Integration with Third Party APIs and Social Media

Migration and Upgrading

Our nopCommerce development team can also upgrade and migrate an existing nopCommerce site to a newer or higher version, with the minimum of disruption to your ecommerce business.

NopCommerce SEO Optimization

Our in-house team includes SEO experts who can integrate a long term and highly effective strategy within the fabric of any nopCommerce solution.

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Our nopCommerce development team understands business and they understand technology. They bring all of this together to deliver multiple ecommerce stores using only a single platform. They can also create plugin architecture designed and built to the custom requirements of each individual client. Among the areas of expertise, we specialize in the following:

How we can set you up for success

If you like the sound of that, and, let’s be frank, who wouldn’t, then get in touch with us straight away for a quick, no nonsense quote. We design and build stylish, user friendly, tailor made websites which utilize nopCommerce in a way which will move your business up to the next level.

We’ll explain exactly what we could do for you. With each passing day your online presence becomes more important, and we can build you a site which provides the maximum in terms of both efficiency and profitability.

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