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Shopify Web Development

As Shopify experts, we offer an unbeatable combination – top quality websites at prices you can easily afford. We’re a specialist Shopify development company and that means we create sites which look fantastic, run smoothly and deliver the results you need.

As a Shopify agency which deals in sectors such as beauty, fashion, the creative arts and luxury items, we’re used to deliver visually stunning solutions. We deliver on time and within budget, and use our skill, experience and creative energy to tick every box for all our clients.
Web development with Shopify

Shopify Development Services

We offer the end to end Shopify solutions ranging from store setup to ongoing maintenance and support.

Shopify Store Set-up & Product import

Get started with your Shopify store that is organised, engaging and scalable:
  • Online store set-up and its configuration with Shopify
  • Shopify website design, graphic design and custom templates design
  • Product categorisation
  • Add new products on the website with images and details
  • Payment gateway set-up and integration along with shipping services

Shopify API Integration and Ecommerce Plug-in Development

Track inventory activity and manage product inventory with professional ecommerce API integration and plug-in development solutions.
  • Custom ecommerce plug-in development
  • Top-notch third party API integration
  • App development for module management
  • Support services and solutions for managing inventory

App Development, Customisation and Integration

Utilise the power of Shopify apps to give your site the features it needs. From tracking results, and boosting SEO to revamping your overall marketing drive, there’s no end to the ways in which Shopify app could boost your business.
  • Custom App development
  • Reconfigure and customise existing Shopify application
  • Third-party application integration
  • App installation

Responsive Shopify Theme Development

Develop responsive, unique and attractive Shopify online store with team of creative designers. We help you create customer-oriented and engaging themes for your online ecommerce store that not only converts visitors to customers but also helps in growing your business.
  • Shopify theme development
  • Custom features development
  • Mobile compatible theme development

Mobile App Development for Online Shopify Store

Extend your ecommerce market to mobile shop-front by developing highly scalable and engaging Shopify mobile applications. Provide interactive and easy shopping experience to customers with your very own mobile app.
  • Mobile App development for all platforms
  • Set-up for Android, IOS and hybrid apps
  • Smooth integration with existing platforms

Ongoing Shopify Support and Maintenance

Keep your ecommerce store intact, organised and growing with our ongoing support and maintenance services.
  • 24/7 support and maintenance
  • In-depth online store audit
  • Rapid error identification and resolve

Shopify Migration Services

Keep your business running with seamless, secure and exceptional online store migration from one platform to another.
  • Smooth migration without interrupting the online store
  • Secure and no data loss migration

Shopify Plus Development Services

Shopify Plus is surprisingly powerful yet cost-effective enterprise ecommerce platform. Unlike legacy enterprise platforms its super-fast to implement and roll-out. It is built to grow & adapt according to your business requirements. In a fast paced, cut throat ecommerce landscape the power of Shopify Plus platform gives your brand a distinct advantage. From strategy, consulting, build, setup to effortless integrations, we offer end-to-end Shopify Build solutions to suit your business needs, customised build your “digital advantage”.
  • Strategy and consulting
  • Seamless shopping experience and conversion focused build of Shopify Plus ecommerce store
  • UX/UI / Customer journey / Aesthetic designs
  • Integrate with systems and third-party tools your business relies on – like CRM, ERP, Fulfilment, Warehouse, Email automation, POS and other desired platforms
  • Seamless and flawless migration and re-platforming of existing ecommerce store to Shopify Plus
  • Expert maintenance and best in class SLA driven support services
  • Speed, Scalability and conversion optimisation to boost business performance

Shopify Marketing

Boost your store visibility, engagement, and ROI with a wide range of marketing services we offer.
  • SEO Migration
  • SEO Audit
  • On-page optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Analytics and Webmaster tools integration
  • Conversion optimisation
  • PPC

Developing your Shopify Site

Our in-house team of experts will take you through the development process one step at a time,
bringing everything together to deliver a complete Shopify solution.


We work closely with you to develop a full understanding of your business. Once we’ve learned what your aims and ambitions are, we devise a digital strategy designed to reach out to your target market.


We craft wireframe designs which put customer service front and centre. From the home page all the way to finally checking out, we make sure the finished site will be user-friendly, intuitive and stress-free.


Our team of designers will work by your side to deliver a design which sells your brand to the world. That design will then be used as the basis for the Shopify project we build for you.


We understand that excellent design will only deliver results if it’s backed up with an equally brilliant coding. The good news for you is that our team of experts makes use of the very best developer tools in order to deliver consistent high quality results.
Test & Launch

Testing and Launching

We test everything we build in rigorous detail before actually launching anything. We won’t be satisfied unless you are, and that’s why all of our Shopify solutions come complete with a 2 weeks post-launch guarantee.

Shopify Features

Manage your online Shopify store hassle-free. Shopify offers wide range of features that caters for every business needs and helps to deliver immaculate customer experience.
Shopify features

Inventory Management

Inventory management is incredibly critical for most ecommerce businesses and often a nightmare to manage consuming hours and hours of time. Shopify offers convenient & accurate inventory management feature that saves your time and help you focus on other priorities. With Shopify you can track inventory in real-time with in-stock product counts and automatically stop selling products when inventory runs out.
Inventory Management

Product Customisation & Organisation

 Often there is demand for variations in products color and size. Businesses can now offer customization to shoppers with easy to maintain Shopify product customization feature. Smart collection feature offers automatic sorting of products based on vendor, price, and inventory level.
Extra Features

Seamless Checkout Process

Every Shopify store has a seamless checkout process which is fully integrated and available in 50+ languages thus saving customers from re-routing to payment gateways. It offers secure payment services with more than 70 payment gateways to choose from, making it easy to process online payments from all over the world.
Seamless Checkout Process

POS Functionality

For businesses with physical store, it is useful to integrate ecommerce into in-store transactions. Shopify offers easy and smooth integration to your ecommerce store including POS utilities, printers, and card readers. Through this, everything works smoothly with your online & physical stores.
POS Functionality


Enhance your store for search engines by knowing customer’s behavior through analytics. Shopify offer smooth integration of store with various analytics platforms including Google Analytics. It offers custom dashboard with easy to view orders, sales section for the business along with export reports option.
Instant Shopping

E-Mail Integration

Another distinct feature of Shopify is its email client integration enabling automated emails to customers. It offers functionality to stay in touch with customers with e-mail marketing campaigns, sending targeted e-mails, and maintaining mailing lists along with automatic reminders for abandoned shopping carts.
E-Mail Integration

Customisation of Online Store

Shopify offers fully customizable look and feel for every store. It has settings that are easy to customize according to brands and gives Shopify developers full access to HTML & CSS, making it easy to customize every aspect of your website.
Control in Your Hands

Search Engine Optimised

Good, search engine visibility is integral to e-commerce success. Shopify out of the box features combined with various plugins can help boost your organic traffic via search engines..
Search Engine Optimised

Shopify Packages

We offer different solutions fit for purpose for your business stage, size and requirements. Choose the package best suitable for you & our Shopify experts will do the rest.
Advanced Shopify Setup Package
What’s included:
  • Perfect for Large businesses
  • Strategy and consulting
  • For Advanced Customization of store
  • Corporate Branding & Store Design
  • Premium Theme built from scratch and configured
  • Advanced Integration and automation
  • Payment & Shipping Settings
  • On-going Training & Support
Standard Shopify Setup Package
What’s included:
  • Perfect for New Stores
  • Premium Theme Installed & Configured
  • Design & Branding
  • Payment & Shipping Settings
  • Integration
  • Page Creation
  • On-going Training & Support
Shopify Design & Branding Package
What’s included:
  • Perfect for New or Established Stores
  • New Store Design
  • Premium Theme Installed & Configured
  • Colour Scheme, Font & Branding
  • Support & Training
Shopify Setup & Migration Package
What’s included:
  • Suitable for startup business owners and retailers
  • Full migration support
  • Migration of tracking codes
  • Page to Page Mapping
shopify partner

Why come to Vsourz for your
Shopify Requirements?

  • When it comes to Shopify, the team at Vsourz have got the experience and expertize to spare. That means you can get on with running your day to day business and leave us to handle your Shopify eCommerce website.
  • It doesn’t matter if your business is small, medium sized or large. We offer a comprehensive service at our one-stop shop, delivering bespoke Shopify designs for each and every client.
  • We know how to shape delivery to suit your requirements, working flexibly to minimize stress and delays and keep the process entirely positive. We know what makes a business successful, and that’s why our work always delivers a strong Return on Investment.
  • We never lose sight of the fact that the ultimate goal is to turn visitors into customers and boost your bottom line.
  • We don’t think our work is over when the site is launched. The Vsourz team of Shopify designers provides on-going support to help you keep your business growing.
  • We provide completely responsive designs which work equally well across all devices. Each and every page will be designed and built to load and run seamlessly no matter how your customers access it.
  • If you need your Shopify solutions delivered quickly then access our express service – all the quality you expect, but at a greater speed.

Few of Our Works

Here are few of the Shopify stores we have designed and developed:

Shopify FAQs

What skills do Vsourz Shopify Developers have?

Our Shopify developers are experts in Shopify and have strong knowledge of Shopify scripting languages, modules and processes, along with other required skills of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and many more technologies.

Can your Shopify Developers build custom Shopify Apps?

Yes, we offer custom Shopify App Development services to our clients and our developers are well versed in it.

Can your Shopify Developers build custom Shopify Themes?

Yes, our Shopify developers can build custom themes for your store and can integrate it in your existing store.

What's the difference between Shopify & Shopify Plus?

Both shopify and shoify plus offer a range of impressive features. This means picking the right platform depends upon your specific requirements. To help you make the best decision for your brand, we highlight the main differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus in this article


Contact our expert Shopify team to chat about what we can do for your brand.

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