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WordPress Plugins Development

We’ve been doing this for long enough to understand the kind of results WordPress can produce if it’s harnessed properly. Many of our clients are surprised to discover just how effective WordPress is when delivering e-commerce and third-party API’s, as well as solving a wide range of problems. Below you can see details of the plug-ins we’ve built to take advantage of the flexibility and power of WordPress.

Schedule Report For Advanced CF7 DB

This plugin will do the same and send the email as per schedule set(Daily, Monthly, Weekly or Yearly) with report attachment.

  • Automatically generating the CSV report Send an email with report attachment based on the scheduled time.
  • Option to create more than one scheduling event to get different enquiry form data report.
  • Option to select report datasheet columns from enquiry form field.
  • Provision to filter the data while creating the scheduled event for the particular report.
  • You can manage the email content by defining TO, FROM and email body content for each scheduling event.
  • The added schedule event will be added to WordPress cron schedule and accordingly will be fire at the scheduled time.

Advanced CF7 DB - User Access Manager

This is an add-on of Advanced Cf7 DB, It allows administrators to securely manage access to contact form DB for all the users.Administrator can provide access to individual users OR based on user Role and accordingly user can view or edit the contact form DB.

  • Provide access of contact form 7 DB to View & Update data to individual users OR based on user Role.
  • Provide access of Single/Multiple forms to single user.

WP Age Verifier

This plugin makes it simple for you to create the age-gate between a website visitor and your content.

  • Easy to Activate
  • Fully Responsive & Optimized for All Devices – Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
  • Automatic Location Detection & Manual Country/Province Age Restriction
  • Customized Restrictions at Page Level or Full Site
  • Multiple Verification Methods
  • Choose Not to Verify Site Members
  • Facility to Redirect Invalid Users to Desired URL
  • Highly Customizable – Add/Change Logo, Background Color, Text
  • Color Rich Presets
  • Supports Multi-site
  • Set Minimum Age Limit
  • Disable/Enable Date of Birth
  • Reset to Default Design
  • No Additional Coding Required
  • SEO Friendly

Enhanced Invisible reCAPTCHA

This plugin is your security solution against spam for your WordPress website forms. Our anti-spam plugin uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive Captcha’s to keep away the automated software engaging in spamming activities on your site. Just a few clicks of setup and keep your site spam free.

  • Quick and easy to setup
  • No prior knowledge of coding required
  • Enable/Disable protection for WordPress, WooCommerce and Contact form 7
  • Easily manage the banned IP protection functionality
  • Option to show/hide Google reCaptcha badge
  • Manage the badge positions

Advanced CF7 DB - Reply Back

This plugin fulfills the feature to reply back to the users. It is simple to use and no extra hardwork required to rely back to the users. Just a click, enter your data and submit, your user will be replied by you. Its that easy and simple to use.

  • Reply back to your users.
  • Compatible with every versions of Advanced CF7 DB.
  • Easy to install and use.

Advanced CF7 DB - GDPR compliant

This plugin assists website and web-shop owners to comply with European privacy regulations known as GDPR.

  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version 4.9.6 and later for GDPR compliances. Meets with the new regulations for the data to be handled.
  • Individual CF7 form wise settings to show the personal data on user’s request.
  • Erase only the CF7 form personal data, that are required.
  • Site owners can export a ZIP file containing a user’s personal data, including data collected by Advanced CF7 DB plugin.
  • Site owners can erase a user’s personal data, including data collected by Advanced CF7 DB plugin.

Woo Quote a Product

Woo Quote A Product is an ideal for stores providing custom services, or anything that would benefit from the customer being able to receive a custom quote.

  • Automatic Order Creation
  • Easy to show/hide Add to Quote or Add to Cart buttons at category/individual product level.
  • Easy to replace the Add to Cart button with Add to Quote
  • Easy to add button to shop or product list page and product details page.
  • Easy to customize the look and feel of the button.
  • Easy to hide Price on the Shop and Product Pages.
  • Easy to configure send email to multiple administrators(order info to admin only) and customer.
  • High Flexibility in customizing email template.
  • Easy to hide/show Price column.
  • High flexibility in add/remove fields in the request form.
  • Easy to display total count of the products in the added list.
  • Easy to display text or redirect to thank you page to look at conversions.
  • Customize URL for the Quote List Page.

Simple Woo-Commerce Gift Wrap

Simple Woo-Commerce Gift Wrap is a simple extension that allows the user to select the gift wrap option with your products.

  • Simple and Easy to add gift wrap.
  • Easy to add gift wrap label and description.
  • Create a simple gift wrap option in product details page.
  • Set individual prices, descriptions, and images for wrapping.
  • Get notice of the customer’s intended gift wrap message by email order notification and on the order page.

Pinterest Rich Pins For Woo-commerce

Pinterest Rich Pins For Woo-commerce plugin is developed to add products to Pinterest from your woo-commerce store. Get the Pinterest account associated to your woo-commerce by authenticating your site.

Provision for administrator, to add products to Pinterest Rich Pins.

  • Bulk Pin: Products can be queued for pinning in bulk. Select the desired product and the plugin will pin them one by one according to the schedule set. Number of images to pin per post can be set from one to all.
  • Queuing System: The Plugin queues images that are eligible for pinning in the queue and pin them separated by a fixed interval. That allows the pinning of unlimited number of images without any problem.
  • Auto-link pins to your products: All pins are directly hyper linked to your products, so once any Pinterest user clicks on the pin, it redirects him to your product on your site. The featured images will be uploaded by passing the Image URL with the product pin added.
  • Pin text and pin board: You can set a default pin text or a default pin board where all pins will be pinned, so you don’t need to enter text every-time.
  • Cron job : The Plugin can use the internal WordPress cron job and a dedicated cron job can be used as well. Pinterest says, that if instant multiple times request are been received the they will block your site for specific time and suppose you as a BOT. Our plugin handles this very well to disallow your site to the block listed by Pinterest. We have recommended to set the time interval to 1 minute.
  • Detailed action log : Automatically updated action log detailing each action done by the cron event.
  • Set Rich pin meta tags : When administrator submits his app on Pinterest, it will re-check the product by visiting the provided URL. At that time, it will check for relevant meta tags which should be added in the page. If “yoast seo” plugin is added and activated than it will add meta tags. We also provides option to over write the meta tags added by “yoast seo” plugin.

WooCommerce Zoho Inventory Integration

We’ve developed this add-on especially for businesses which would have require daily, weekly or monthly inventory. This plugin will manage the inventory automatically.

It provides full catalog sync with Zoho Inventory which will sync your wooCommerce store products, customer details and Order info with Zoho Inventory modules like Contacts(Customers), Items(Products) and Sales Orders.

It also supports bi-directional inventory synchronization between wooCommerce Products and Zoho Inventory.

  • Set up the connection between wooCommerce and Zoho easily
  • Different ways to synchronize: automatic, manual
  • Synchronize Product data
  • Synchronize Customer info
  • Synchronize Order info
  • Two way synchronization Product data

Advanced Contact form 7 DB

Save all contact form 7 form submitted data to the database, View, Ordering, Change field labels and Import/Export data using CSV.

  • Save Contact Form 7 form submitted data to database.
  • Display all created contact form 7 form list.
  • Select Form name to see the entries.
  • Keyword search for all the entries of selected form.
  • Date range filter to filter specific date related entries easily.
  • Export all, or only searched, filtered results with selected fields.
  • Export data in CSV file.
  • Display attachment download link.
  • Given advance pagination on listing screen so all the records are not loaded at once, to save resources.
  • Given go to page functionality with in pagination so view specific page related entries.
  • Enable or disable columns display.
  • Drag and drop to reorder columns once the entries are stored.
  • Multiple select of records and selected records will be deleted or export in sheet.
  • Facility to update each record.
  • Easy to update each field label name.
  • Easy to setup import functionality.
  • Facility to import form related entries from CSV file.

CF7 Invisible reCAPTCHA

CF7 Invisible reCAPTCHA plugin is an effective solution that secure your Contact form 7 forms on WordPress websites from spam entries while letting human pass over easily.

  • Get the individual distance between two route segments.
  • Option to Enable/Disable Protection for Contact Form 7.
  • Manage to hide Google Captcha(reCAPTCHA) for particular form.
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version.
  • Mange to badge position display option.

All In One Redirection

All In One Redirection plugin provide you to manage 301/302 redirections in 1:1 relationship, Host/www redirection, tracking of 404 pages and Import/Export redirection list.

  • 301/302 Redirection.
  • All redirection is occur based on 1:1 relationship for best SEO practice.
  • Bulk Import/Export in CSV format of redirection list.
  • Full logs of all redirected URLs with Last Access Date, Referrer URL and Access IP address.
  • You can find the number of Hits in redirection links.
  • Redirection based on Regular Expression.
  • Option to hide the URL redirection, so you can exclude any URL from redirection list.
  • Multiple Update/Delete option.
  • Auto 404 page Tracking with Access Date, Source URL, Referrer, Access IP.
  • Custom Redirection based on host and www setting.
  • Apache .htaccess is not required – works entirely inside WordPress.
  • WWW to NON-WWW and NON-WWW to WWW redirection without Apache .htaccess rules.
  • HTTP to HTTPS and HTTPS to HTTP redirection without Apache .htaccess rules.

Responsive Slick Slider WordPress

Responsive Slick Slider is built on the top of slick js with support to unlimited banner images, text layers and videos(YouTube, Mp4, HTML5 and Vimeo).

  • Capability to build responsive WordPress slider in a seconds.
  • Add unlimited images and videos.
  • With the slider you can add for the images/videos title, description and set link on it.
  • Slider looks great on all cross browsers and various devices.
  • Compatible MP4(HTML5), embedded YouTube & Vimeo videos in slides.
  • Manage to show/hide Title(Caption) and description in iPad and iPhone view (Devices).
  • Manage Slider ordering.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Auto play slider options.
  • Auto pause on mouse over.
  • Best slider transitions effects.
  • Manage slide On/Off options.
  • Provision to add different images for iPad and iPhone view.
  • Select page or post which you want display the Responsive Slick Slider.
  • Support HTML tags in title and description.
  • Possibility to use unlimited slider in one page.

WP Responsive Holiday/Events Calendar

Beautiful way to show your upcoming Holiday and Events in WordPress.

  • Add Multiple Holiday and Events on single date.
  • Set link of content page OR third party URL.
  • Open page and third party URL on same or new tab.
  • Display calendar in Multiple views (Calendar View, Standard List View, Grid View, List Hover View).
  • Set Date Background Color.
  • Modify Holiday Name Background Color.
  • Modify Date Text Color.
  • Modify Holiday/Event Text Background Color.
  • Calendar Widget.
  • Compatible in all latest cross browsers.
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly.
  • AJAX powered.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly views.

WP Map Route Planner

Help you to locate specific and most direct route, such as WooCommerce order delivery routes or your’s custom added route, it integrates a Route Planner based on Google Maps and generates a catalogue of that route.

  • Quick Search and view the best shortest routes on Google map.
  • Integrated with WooCommerce orders.
  • Single/Multiple order route plan.
  • Built in geocoder.
  • More than one location route planner.
  • Provision to print the view of searched route plan.
  • Mark routes on a map.
  • Add multiple routes point and generate routes map.
  • Get the total distance of the route.
  • Get the individual distance between two route segments.

WP Responsive Media Gallery

Create a wonderful image gallery in couple of clicks with responsive media gallery plugin. A finest way to Promote your image and video online with different groups.

  • Support images (JPG, JPEG, PNG ) and video (MP4, YouTube & Vimeo).
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Clear user interface.
  • Upload Single/Bundle images.
  • Drag and drop functionality for reordering images.
  • Unlimited amount of galleries and images/videos.
  • Customize each gallery category.
  • Standard grid and Masonry layout options.
  • Add certain gallery categories to page or post using shortcode.
  • Simple settings for fast setup without modifying code.
  • Multiple galleries in one web-page.
  • Open built in lightbox gallery.
  • Powerful control panel getting started super easy.
  • Works with all modern browsers.
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version.

Locator for WordPress

Using this plug-in a site administrator can access a location management system and customise the appearance of maps on the site. If your site requires a location search then this plug-in offers the perfect solution. By allowing users to select existing custom fields as the data source for the geocoding, it guarantees smooth operation.

Booking Appointment

Create a booking appointment system for your site to simplify the management of all your bookings. This plug-in offers features such as services, locations and email notifications, and works in a flexible and intuitive manner.

WordPress Users

This plug-in enables the creation of user Login/Register/Forgot Password/My Account/Change Password/Email Templates/My Detail. After activation, the plug-in allows easy access in the front end, and the site administrator can set email templates for user notification. Only short codes are needed to set up Login and Registration.

WooCommerce Product Search

If WooCommerce is already active on your site then it is simple to add the Product Search extension. Features include enabling Product Image, name, Description and Stock details and auto-complete functionality on products. The search function works on the basis of the stock details, description and product name.

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