There are no secrets in the creation of a marketplace. Simple good ideas that build connections.

Vehicle Trading Marketplace

Design & Branding

Contemporary layouts and designs for following pages:
  • Home
  • Advert Search Banner
  • Advert Search Results Listing
  • Advert Detail
  • Sell Your Advert (Car / Bike / Van / Truck)
  • Seller Account / Registration
  • Selling Package
  • Selling Advert Details / Advert Photo Upload / Advert Preview / Payment
  • Sell Your Items (Number Plates / Parts / Accessories)
  • Selling Item Details / Advert Item Upload / Advert Item / Payment
  • Seller Account Management
  • Generic Content Page

Home / Landing Page

  • Advert Search Banner
  • Advertisement Banner
  • Motoring Offers
  • Motoring Shop
  • Rotating New & Used Car Section

Advert Detail Page

  • Advert Basic Details, Technical Data, Features Listing (Tab based)
  • Seller Logo
  • Seller Contact Information
  • Seller Location
  • Share On Facebook / Send To Friend
  • Other Adverts Listed From Dealer

Item Listing Page(Number Plates / Parts / Accessories)

  • Item Lists – display includes Item Image, Item Description, Item Price, Item Seller Information (Seller Logo, Seller Location, Seller Email Address)

Sell/Upload Item

  • Package Selection
  • Checkout Module – Upload Item Details
  • Checkout Module – Preview Final Item to be Uploaded / Edit Advert
  • Checkout Module – Payment Page (if required) & Thank You Page


  • Google Analytics

Seller Account Management

  • Seller Account – Dashboard
  • Seller Account – Uploaded Advert Management
    • Ability to Preview, Edit OR Delete Live Adverts
    • Ability to Rebook Expired/Deleted Adverts
Any uploaded advert/item from frontend by sellers needs to be approved by administrator to be displayed on the web
  • Seller Account – Account Details
  • Allows existing sellers to sign in using email address & password
  • Allows new sellers to register by collecting standard details

Advert Management

  • Number of adverts
  • Number of dealers
  • Searchable advert data
  • Dealer/Seller details
  • View adverts and process them – set advert status, change advert details
  • The seller receives an email notification regarding a selling advert

Advert Search Listing Page(Car / Bike / Van / Truck)

  • Advanced Search Section
  • Filtered Advert Display
  • Advert Lists – display adverts includes: Advert Image(s), Advert Name, Advert Features, Advert Description, Advert Price, Advert Seller Information (Seller Logo, Seller Location)
Ability to sort adverts displayed in content area based on following parameters:
  • Sort By Lowest Price
  • Sort By Highest Price
  • Sort By A-Z
  • Sort By Z-A

Content Management System

  • Create unlimited number of CMS pages
  • Ability to add, edit, delete pages
  • Create Links
  • Link to Documents
  • Page Specific Meta data – title, keywords & descriptions

Sell/Upload Advert

  • Package Selection (Private Seller / Trade Seller Packages)
  • Checkout Module – Upload Advert Details
  • Checkout Module – Upload Advert Images (Multiple Image Upload)
  • Checkout Module – Preview Final Advert To Be Uploaded / Edit Advert
  • Checkout Module – Payment Page (if required) & Thank You Page

Email Manager

  • Ability to manage content of all emails that go to customer / seller from the website with flexibility to use dynamic content place holders like $customerName, $orderDetails etc.

Advert Catalogue

  • Unlimited attributes like make, model, features, colours, body type, fuel, variant, derivative, engine size, cab type, transmission
  • Featured adverts
  • Trade/Private Seller Packages


  • Contact Us

Dealer Account Management(Dealer Portal)

  • Dealer Portal – Dashboard – Dealership Statistics (Total Searches, Advert Views, Click-through Rate, Visitors)
  • Dealer Portal – Manage Your Adverts
    • View All Adverts (Filters to View Adverts)
    • Upload Used / New / Exported Adverts (Allowed Number of Adverts)
    • Edit / Delete Existing Adverts
Any modifications that dealers do in advert information do not require approval from Administrator. However, administrator can at any point view or change this information
  • Dealer Portal – Manage Your Items
    • View All Items (Filters to View Items)
    • Add / Edit / Delete Items
  • Dealer Portal – Account Management
The system allows dealers to store and update the dealer account related fields
  • Ability to Change Personal Details
  • Ability to Change Password
  • Dealer Portal – Statistics (Advert Performance)
    • Filter Display (Time Duration / Category / Make / Model)
    • Results Display (Number of Adverts, Total Searches, Advert Views, Click-through Rate, Total Clicks on Featured Listing)

Feedback Management

  • Allow user to leave feedback on adverts
  • Administrator to approve feedback before it gets listed on website