Diagnose Your Website Flaws with Our Comprehensive Technical SEO Audit

A Combination of Human and Machine Auditing
Approach to Get a Holistic View.

Just like search engines, we too crawl your website inside-out for deep analysis (No Shortcuts!). Our experts will conduct an extensive audit of the website, highlight current issues, obstacles and opportunities to improve search engine visibility. Not just that! We will also make sure none of the important elements are missed by running an audit through industry-leading tools.

Technical SEO Audit

There are hundreds of ranking factors that determine your website rank and we understand it’s importance.
Our expertise in the meticulous and painstaking technical audit covers:


Evaluation of website compatibility and responsiveness.


Analysis of the website to discover the crawling and indexing issues raised by the search engines.


Feedback on existing site structure to make sure users and search engines get alike experience.


Conduct essential scans to keep the website secure. Examine the site has valid SSL certificate, HTTPS secured, Webmaster is completely clean of critical messages or errors.


Assess internal links. Conduct quality checks of external links to you and your competitors.

Content Audit

Perform an in-depth examination of existing web page content for its quality, uniqueness, relevancy and keywords being targeted.

Technical Issues

Evaluate critical elements like meta tags, canonical links, heading tags, images, speed performance, 404 errors, redirections and more to identify the scope of optimisation

Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Review account setup, configurations and evaluate current website performance.

Competitive Analysis

Review top industry players and competitors to determine how well they perform, their tactics, organic performance, visibility in search engines and their backlinks.

Findings, observations and recommendations

Recommendations based on the findings and observations from technical SEO audit.

Our Comprehensive SEO Audits are Intense, and Deliverables will Give You Transparency about Your Website Health

Benefits of Technical SEO Audit

  • Search engine compliant
  • Higher traffic and conversions
  • Get an edge over your competitors
  • Increase visibility in Google and other search engines
  • Maximize your on-page SEO
  • Low cost investment with high returns
  • Improve user experience
  • Make the most of your content and links
Choose Vsourz as your Auditing Partner.

Choose Vsourz As Your Auditing Partner

We will work closely with your team. Our SEO consultants will diagnose your issues, document the audit, explain what each issue means, prioritise our findings in a roadmap, share recommendation and plot the milestone for your organic search campaign.