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Rich Media Design Agency

Engage with video, animation and interactivity

To put your best foot forward online, you need to attract the right kind of attention with the right type of people. To realise your digital advantage, these are the people that are likely to engage, buy, or become loyal fans of your business, products or services. (or even better – all three).

You’ll no doubt be working hard towards having everything looking amazing, all the content in just the right shape and building something unique. However, all the same, there’s a decent chance that your competitors will be working on the same.

Further, with the advent of faster computers and internet connections, the web is more alive than ever. Videos tell stories, animations clarify key messages, or provide some fun. While modern approaches interactivity help to ensure that even the most complex tasks can be completed with ease online. When done well, anyway.

For us, rich media is the use of online and digital media beyond the flatter digital experience of an introductory web page or click through. It’s how we can tell stories more richly with moving images and interactivity.

Today’s best performing modern web experiences are simple when they should be, and rich, alive and compelling when that best serves your objective.

Our rich media design services help bring your brand, messages and proposition to life through thoughtfully designed and brilliantly executed rich media experiences. From video explainers to ad units that stand out and attract the clicks. From fully-fledged animated destinations to value-added rich media content that aids conversion, we can help bring your story to life.

Rich Media Design Features


Earning views, clicks and engagement

You’ll know from your own time spent clicking around online that there are thousands of brands, stories, alerts, content and more all vying for your attention. From display ads plastered all over mainstream news sites to the latest TikTok, the game of digital advantage starts with gaining attention.

Our rich media content creation services conceive, design and deliver content that gets people’s attention for all the right reasons. We earn views, clicks and engagement through the effective use of video and interaction that comes together for experiences that deliver on their promise and not only gain attention but keep it, usually because its that good, and far better than the competition.

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

Key messages brought to life and well-told
Digital Storytelling

Whereas you’ll no doubt need to have all the basics right to tell your brand story best online, adding a bit extra in the form of animation or video adds colour, depth and personality. Or perhaps you need to create a bit more wow to stand out, or want a chance to establish your tone of voice in the way that only video can.

Crucially, if you’re off message or not adding value when people choose to click through to your video or animation you’re likely to lose them as soon as you gained them. That’s why we like to tell stories online with rich media. People love stories, a beginning, a middle and an end. A hero, a laugh. Fact and fiction. If you think you might have a story to tell, we can help you make it real and leverage it to bring your brand to life.

Fit for Purpose

Creating value at each touchpoint
Fit for Purpose

Whereas we’re big fans of everything you can achieve with rich media experiences, they’re also not right for everything. People are time short online, and getting them the answer to their needs quickly and efficiently is most often the order of the day.

You might recognise the pitfalls of rich media when overused, having to sit through a lengthy introduction before getting to the point. Superfluous animation covering the content you were initially seeking trying to sell something you never wanted in the first place. Or perhaps trying to chase an interface around the screen to get to the next page before losing patience.

Yip, there’s such a thing as both the overuse and/or inappropriate use of rich media content. That’s why we design everything we do to be fit for purpose and deliver the optimal user experience. Most of the time, this is about choice, as different people have different preferences as to how they like to receive the information. And for some, you’ll have seconds to impress, whereas some might like to take a deep dive into your story and watch your backgrounder in full end-end.

Our customer-centric approach for delivering digital advantage means we work in partnership to understand the best application of rich media married to your audience, their needs, and your business objectives.

Fit for Purpose
Inviting Shares

Inviting Shares

Earning reach and endorsement
Inviting Shares

When was the last time you clicked to share on a video, ad or website that didn’t impress? Or that you felt wouldn’t add value to your friends, followers or network?

If you’re like us, then hardly ever if at all. That’s because to invite those precious shares and social signals that quality content earns is no mean feat. And it’s the ultimate endorsement that your rich media execution is hitting all the right notes with its intended audience.

That’s why when we create rich media, we focus on creating content that people want to share. Simple as that really.

Growing Engagement

Delighting, and encouraging people to spend time
Growing Engagement

If your rich media content is fantastic, people will want to spend time with it. Be that watching a video to the end, clicking around to discover more through gamification or perhaps creating user-generated content powered by your brand.

If gaining attention is how we start the game of digital advantage, then the next level up is to engage in converting. We craft rich media experiences that grow engagement with your audience in ways that matter. Reducing bounce rate, ensuring they leave your website with all that they need, or more merely creating an experience they’d recommend. Meaningful engagement is what we do with the attention we’ve earned.

And much like most things in life, without purpose, it too is pointless. We, therefore, engage to help you deliver the objectives you’re targeting for your online business. Think product explainers that convince through to purchase, or appealing interactive experiences that build loyalty and encourage sign up.

Growing Engagement

6 Reasons to Choose Vsourz for Your
Rich Media Design Project

1. Designing for success

We create rich media executions when they’re the right way to propel forward your digital advantage. There’s a vast range of options and potential directions to take, which is why the first thing we do is take the time to understand where you want to take your business and then plan to meet your objectives.

2. Customer-Centric

Our approach to bringing brands, experiences and messages to life with rich media is always to understand what’s going to hit all the right notes with the audiences you’re looking to attract and appeal to.

3. Highest Quality Production

We come up with ideas and concepts for rich media we’re confident you’ll love. And then we make them real to the highest production standards. From photo and product shoots, through to animations that slickly do the job of entertaining and educating, we can help. And for the gorgeous video you have in mind, or that interactive experience, it’s all about quality. For excellent quality stands out, delivers and fuels your digital advantage.

4. Full Service

Because we’re a full-service agency that exists to help you realise your digital advantage, our holistic approach means everything fits together just as it should. From landing pages or microsites to house campaign assets to content marketing that helps to amplify, through social media marketing to take them even further, we’ve got you covered.

5. Ongoing Measurement

Regardless of format, we measure everything all the time. This way, we can always be on top of any improvements or issues as we understand how hard your rich media assets are working for you. We test, learn and improve for you so each and every time you work with us, the results get even better.

6. Making Magic Happen

Many of our clients that have been with us for many years are still with us today because we make magic happen. It’s a little hard to define, from an idea sketched out on the back of a napkin made real through to global eCommerce sites, we’re here to do everything digital to realise your kind of magic.


It depends. Many websites do just fine with static pages of textual content and images; in fact, many also do amazingly. If this is right for your business and your objectives then AOK and we’ll be the first to tell you. However, at the same time, more and more people are using video and rich media. Suppose it’s working in your market for your competitors, or it is likely to help you deliver more sales, or reach, or engagement. In that case, we’re super happy to chat more about how rich media can propel forward your digital advantage.
There are so many ways to add value to your audience and increase your engagement. You could build a game, or perhaps a quiz, a podcast, or a series of thought leader interviews and more. The correct answer, however, is which of these and the other opportunities for digital engagement are going to work best for you, your business and your audience. Drop us a line and we’ll be delighted to chat through the options with you.
Short of Hollywood blockbusters our team of designers and our wider network of camerapeople, specialised animators and producers can make just about anything. Feel free to drop us a line, and we’ll be sure to help you understand what’s involved to not only match that example but do even better.
Easy, click contact below for a no-obligation chat. We love nothing more than helping our clients, new and existing, make their plans real and amazing.

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