Sales Survey App

Survey App is ideal for field research, client input, public expo lead catch, evaluations and any kind of information accumulations.

Survey App Features

The Survey App will allow to track your sales person, manage their routes & tasks, find the shortest route for sales person, conducting surveys & storing data even when you are offline.

Route Management

Route management will help you & sales person to define the optimised & most efficient route that sales person can follow to complete their task in minimal time & provide maximum output.

Track Sales Person

This feature helps to track the current location of sales person, also can view the current task of the sales person.

User Dashboard

All users will view their dashboard when they login in the app. Users can see number of pending, waiting & submitted survey application.

Survey Management

Users will ask end customers to fill the form using the app. Data will be collected & stored in the database. Users can collect the survey data even you do not have internet i.e. in offline mode and later save the data when internet is available.

User Day in & Day out

Users can manage their day in & day out using the app. Administrator can view day in & day out of all employees & can track their attendance & active working hours.

Task List Management

Effective management of all tasks by using Task lists. Each user will have their task list in app & they can view list of all tasks that are pending & waiting.

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