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Increase Operational Efficiency with a SharePoint Health Check

A SharePoint health check is the best way to pinpoint any existing or potential problems in your current Microsoft SharePoint solutions. Our services cover everything from health monitoring to strategic consulting no matter your business’ area of expertise or stage of development.

Through many years in the industry and countless successfully completed health checks, we have established an effective process to find and fix SharePoint issues. As part of the health check, our experts evaluate SharePoint’s security, architecture, functionality, and performance to enhance your operational efficiency and ensure you’re always receiving a healthy return on investment.

Why Does Your Company Need a
SharePoint Health Check?

Hundreds of businesses turn to Vsourz for specialist SharePoint online health check services. Here are some of the most common reasons to help you determine whether you need one for your business too.

Performance Issues

With a growing number of SharePoint sites in addition to bespoke solutions and content, your system can start to slow down. This is both frustrating to users and also impacts productivity. If you notice your solution becoming sluggish, reach out to the experts at Vsourz and we’ll help take your performance to new heights.

Security Problems

Do you have open SharePoint vulnerabilities, inaccurate permission settings, or system misconfigurations? These issues will seriously compromise your solution’s security. Contact our specialist team for a comprehensive audit where we identify clear and hidden weak points, then quickly address the problems so they don’t escalate into a full-blown disaster.

Costly Support

If you’re constantly having problems with your business solutions, you’re forced to spend more time and money rectifying all the issues. This is bad for business in every possible way! Our SharePoint online health check service takes a proactive approach to identifying and resolving problems. As such, you can leverage the benefits of a fully-optimised system while side-stepping all the unnecessary extra costs.

Low User Buy-in

When you experience incessant performance issues in addition to security problems, it often leads to low user buy-in and adoption. At Vsourz, we take the time to understand your business and internal processes before conducting a health check on your SharePoint solution. This way, we can ensure that any modifications we make to your system are in line with your business objectives and end-user requirements.

Our SharePoint Health Check Services

As a SharePoint health check service provider, we offer dedicated health check services to enhance your solution’s performance. Our process includes but isn’t limited to the following elements.

SharePoint Farm Assessment

We conduct a SharePoint farm assessment to identify inaccurate set up or poor architecture so that your system can perform optimally.

Custom Application Assessment

Our experts exhaustively analyse your custom apps to pinpoint unsuitable code, errors, and unnecessary complexities.

User Interface Assessment

We evaluate SharePoint’s current design to determine how well it meets user needs, and then go about adding the required improvements.

Load-Time Analysis

Could there be load-time problems with your solution? Our specialists employ SharePoint performance testing to pinpoint any potential issues and give you extra peace of mind.

Security Audit

We analyse your SharePoint defences including all the connected components to keep all your sensitive information safe and avoid any financial losses or reputational damage.

Content Analysis & Assessment

Our SharePoint health check pros leverage PowerShell scripts to identify content that interferes with solution performance.

User Experience Assessment

By putting our experts in the shoes of the end-user, we can effectively evaluate your system with usability as the main point of focus.

Our Deliverables After A Health Check

Our Deliverables After A Health Check

Upon the completion of our SharePoint online health check service, a Vsourz specialist will send you a report covering your current SharePoint standing, including any identified issues along with professional recommendations that will help to enhance the performance of your system. Not only will the report address areas that require immediate attention but it also factors in long-term solutions that will benefit your business into the future.

Any element that can impact SharePoint’s performance and security, such as hardware configurations, custom app code, content, and much more, is addressed in the SharePoint health check report. This includes suggestions for resolving issues that do not comply with Microsoft’s best practices for SharePoint deployment. What’s more, if you need assistance implementing the recommendations, our experts also have the technical expertise to get it done correctly.

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