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Social media Optimization:
Today, the world meets on digital platform also known as Social Media space. Millions join everyday to discuss, deliberate and share experiences, photos and music on social networking sites like Twitter, Orkut, Facebook, Friendster, MySpace and Xing apart from the blogging sites like Wordpress and Blogspot. This automatically creates a space that allows millions to view new products and brands.

What is Social Media Optimization and how do YOU extract the maximum benefit out of this revolutionary phenomenon?

Social Media Optimization or SMO is essentially a process that spurred out of the transformation in the Internet. SMO encompasses the capacity of creating awareness, enhancing visibility and improving the interest towards your company or product by utilizing the social media arena. By creating an avenue for your company or brand on social media websites through the means of communities and links you can garner more interest and in this process also improve the bottom line and the return on investment for your company.

VSOURZ is fully aware of this incredible social phenomenon and assists you in gaining ground through SMO.

How will entering the Social Media sites and utilizing the processes impact your growth curve?

What many people do not realize is that the social media websites is definitely the new way to communicate and the number of people joining these sites every day runs into thousands not considering the fact that about 10 million people use such websites almost every single day.

Even if you are able to create a buzz amongst a mere 1 percent of the total members the resultant impact on your business would be tremendous. Putting to use some of the SMO channels like viral videos, pools, discussion forums and avenues for greater interaction you be assured that it will create a lot of buzz about your services or product.

Imagine about 10 million people have the opportunity of viewing your company every day! SMO Avenues:

SMO is an incredibly interesting process and comprises of a number of channels that allow you to gain better visibility in the market. Some of the avenues include:
  • RSS Feeds,
  • Social News Buttons,
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blogging, and
  • Third-party community methods that include uploading Images and Videos
Utilizing even one of the processes will give you a tremendous edge over the others.

VSOURZ puts to use all the SMO methods and fuses it with creative innovation that allows you to leave a tremendous impact on the viewers.

The VSOURZ SMO Tactics:
  • In-depth analysis of your objective and the social media setting
  • Creating and developing a multitude of methods for improving visibility through SMO channels
  • Crafting innovative techniques for fashioning engaging viewers through viral videos, blogs, social bookmarking, widgets, podcasts and social networking sites
  • Cohesive utilization of various SMO channels to increase awareness about your company
The SMO phenomenon is a revolution that could benefit your company tremendously.

If you are looking for Brand Buzz, improved profits and better positioning in the market come to us at VSOURZ. We are known for bringing the world to your door and when they are knocking you better be ready!
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