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Customers demand an easy, intuitive shopping experience – deliver it by utilizing our creative & technical experience powered by the Magento framework.
Custom Magento Design and Development Services

How can we help you?

We help business across various industry sectors to device and implement successful
ecommerce strategie

Consulting & Support

Dedicated team before, during and after development, with dedicated project managers.

Design & Branding

Boost sales with an intuitive and user-cantered design with a focus on increasing average basket values. Our UI/UX experts work closely to match and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Magento Development

Build a cost-effective solution quickly and hassle free, with rapid prototypes, transparent development and testing to release, we provide dedicated resources at each step.

Extensions Development

We develop custom Magento plugins and extensions that provide additional features and functions to your store.

Integration & Migration

Seamlessly migrate from any ecommerce platform to Magento 2.

Magento Support

When we provide support we provide security, peace of mind and stability. Our dedicated Magento experts are on hand when you need them, ready to offer the help and advice required.

Magento 2

The functionality and flexibility of Magento 2 creates retail websites that grow and change with your business.

Ecommerce Marketing

We help businesses acquire, retain and engage with their customers, utilizing marketing and promotions tools from Magento and third parties.

Magento Ecommerce Excellence Delivered by Vsourz

Community & Enterprise

Community & Enterprise

From small to medium sized ecommerce stores, to enterprise businesses requiring complex integrations. Our experience and understanding of the fundamentals of ecommerce development help organisations achieve growth.

B2B Magento Ecommerce

B2B Magento Ecommerce

Building secure platform for B2B businesses to manage sales and orders online.

ERP & CRM Integrations

ERP & CRM Integrations

We build, design and implement integrations between Magento stores and enterprise level third-party ERP and CRM back office systems.

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App, Website

Pure Luxuries

Strategic advice and ecommerce guidance.
  • A Magento development company with 20 years plus experience in Ecommerce industry with dedicated Magento website development services.
  • We take a Data driven approach for your eCommerce business after conducting thorough research and analysis of targeted markets, business geography, competitors websites and future goals.
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities in your business.
Stunning conversion focused UI/UX.

Magento Development

End-to-End solutions built on strong foundations.
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of Magento architecture.
  • Seamless integration with CMS, CRM, Payment Gateway, Shipping & Fulfilment, ERP, Marketplace and Accounts & Back office platforms.
  • Agile development method for rapid, iterative and flexible development.
  • Develop custom mobile applications using Magento web APIs.

Magento Testing

  • A combination of manual and automated testing tools to provide a highly robust system.
  • Use of Magento Testing Framework – 170 automated functional tests.
  • Thorough Functional, Responsive, Performance, Usability, Server side interface, Client side compatibility and Security testing is done.
  • Test and Staging website provided for review.
  • Manual functionality and browser compatibility testing

Magento Project Delivery

Fast , Efficient & Robust.
  • We deliver projects– on time and within budget.
  • We keep our clients updated and involved in project development process releasing regular website versions and seeking feedbacks.
  • A project timeline is put in place with key deliverables for your sign-off.
  • Transparency from the initial proposal to set expectations and ensure success.
  • We will keep you updated throughout the entire project life-cycle.
Ongoing Review &
  • Automated scripts implemented to monitor your website 24X7 and keep the database and website caches updated.
  • A dedicated and committed Magento team to provide support and maintenance services.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Magento – we never modify core Magento code!
  • Provide training and documentation for website management.
  • We can provide on-going strategic advice to get the most from Magento and evolve with your business.

Magento Integrations

Amazon Web Services
UK Fast


Magento Community and Commerce editions vary in the out of the box features that are available, both are great options for those store owners looking to accelerate growth and scalability.

Depending on your individual needs as a business we can recommend the best approach and match your requirements with the most appropriate version.

Yes, we can create custom integrations with any 3rd party systems you are using to help optimise various business process from logistics to accounting and inventory management.

Our team can also create and write APIs to help facilitate integrations to your ERP and CRM systems.

Yes, our servers are configured and setup to maximise the potential of the Magento system. We offer both dedicated servers as well as shared servers to run Magento.

Yes, we have a dedicated digital marketing team that can work closely with you to create a comprehensive plan for customers acquisitions, retention, and conversion.

Our digital marketing team can help with working on campaigns, generating content, and helping with reporting and analytics. By understanding what keywords to target and understanding how customers shop we can utilise and execute SEO and PPC campaigns that deliver measurable results.

We can take a full audit of your current Magento website and provide suggestions for improvements in various areas ranging from the frontend user interface and experience to the technical build and configuration.

Our team can also review your Magento security and highlight any issues and areas that may need urgent improvements.

Both Magento and Shopify are great tools for running an ecommerce business, they both have their own individual strengths and cater to business needs in different ways. Shopify can be a great way to get up and running quickly with an ecommerce store while Magento can help with a lot more customisation. With both Magento and Shopify teams in-house we can help in advising which platform best suits your business needs, contact us for a free no obligation assessment.

We take great care to ensure that every website we build adheres to industry best practices for SEO and mobile responsiveness. We practice W3C coding guidelines and conduct internal Quality Assurance and testing before any website is launched.

We are Magento experts and can bring our skills and ability to custom design and build bespoke Magento websites. A bespoke Magento site will provide best in class user experience and shopping journey, with an emphasis on using design and features to increase basket values and customer loyalty.
A Magento theme can be a good option to get up and running quickly with standard ecommerce features, see our ecommerce as a service solution for a cost effective Magento build.

We can migrate most of the important data from your existing website, this includes product information, customer details and even orders.

Yes, our team can help you to keep your Magento system up to date with patches and upgrades. Also, our excellent customer support team can help you with small to large changes. Please contact us for additional details on our Magento support page.

If your existing website is causing a lot of issues from speed to backoffice management then we are able to help you to fix these issues.
For over 20 years we have been designing and developing ecommerce websites, our team has decades of experience on all aspects of running an ecommerce business, we are not only developers but adviser and can help bring fresh new ideas and perspective. Our Magento experts work closely with you to become an extension of your sales and marketing team.

What a website will cost depends on a number of factors and can range in the number of design and development hours required. These factors can be influenced by how feature rich the website is and how unique and focused the designs and functionality is.

Contact us for a no obligation quote.

This depends on and varies by project typically a bespoke Magento website will require around 8 to 12 weeks to design and develop. Website that require a lot of customisation and bespoke work will need additional time in development and testing.

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