User Experience and Design for Magento

Magento Mood board and brief drawn up

Mood board and brief drawn up

Wireframes and prototypes created in Magento

Wireframes and prototypes created

Magento Design works on all devices

Design which works on all devices

Enhanced user experience of Magento

Enhanced user experience

User first Magento Design

Design which puts the user first

Intuitive navigation of Magento

Intuitive navigation throughout

Magento Visitors converted to clients

Visitors converted to clients

Magento Advice on merchandising

Advice on merchandising

We get to know your brand inside out. By discovering what’s unique about your business we create a brief which is completely reflective of who you are and what you offer. That brief is then used as the basis of our designs. The ultimate aim of our Magento experts is to create a site which reflects and promotes the clients brand and produces a measurable return on investment.

We stay abreast of the latest ecommerce developments, offering leading edge functions and a firm grasp of how online customer behaviour is evolving. We use our in depth experience and a team of experts to create Magento sites which can be delivered on time and within budget.

Magento UX Design and Development Process

Strong branding and excellent conversion rates

Strong branding and excellent conversion rates of Magento
The best Magento site is one which strikes the perfect balance between expressing your brand and offering efficient conversion rates. Our expert team knows exactly where that balance lies.
Strong branding and excellent conversion rates of Magento
Magento in-house experience

Magento experience in-house

Magento in-house experience

Our designers design bespoke Magento websites and our technicians build them. By keeping everything in-house we offer a unified vision and spot problems before they even arise.

Putting the user first

Putting the user first

We create sites which offer a seamless and pleasurable user experience. A smooth user experience is about more than simply tricks and gimmicks. It’s about turning visitors into customers by guiding them through your site. We understand this and build sites which are a pleasure to use.

Putting the user first
Finishing touches

Finishing touches

Finishing touches

We never do the minimum when just a bit more work can yield fantastic results. Our Magento team will work with you to devise features and functions which truly make your site stand out from the competition.

Versatility and merchandising

Magento versatility and merchandising

We’ll tailor our design to meet your requirements and resources, offering a site which takes advantage of any merchandising opportunities on offer.

Magento versatility and merchandising
Affordable eCommerce that grows with your business
Our in house team of Magento experts are ready and waiting to work with you. We’ll analyze your ecommerce requirements and craft a tailor made solution which meets and then exceeds your needs.

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