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Magento Plugins and Extensions Development

One of the key plus points of Magento as an eCommerce platform is its flexibility. Thanks to the huge range of Magento modules and extensions that are available, any business owner utilising Magento enjoys complete control. By working with our Magento Extension Developers, you’ll be able to modify the appearance of your site and the user-experience. Throw in control of content and you have an eCommerce site that grows and changes with your business.Our team are experts in Magento development. Our knowledge of the extensions and plugins available means that we’ll be able to transform both the front-end and the back-end of your site. Amongst the feature which we’re able to offer are:

Front-end Magento features

Integrated payment gateways

Integrated shipping systems

Logging and report systems at the back-end

Seamless integration with third party systems

Affordable Ecommerce that grows
with your business

Our in house team of Magento experts are ready and waiting to work with you. We’ll analyse your ecommerce
requirements and craft a tailor made solution which meets and then exceeds your needs.
Popular extensions on the marketplace include:
Categorized Product Slider
Age Varification /Age Gate Pop-up
Owl Carousel - Fully Responsive Carousel Slider
Exit Screen Pop-Up
Age Gate Pop-Up
Exit Screen Pop-Up
Advanced Order Success Page