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Official website design and development for Barbados Tourism Board



Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) is a governmental organisation that promotes, assists and facilitates the efficient development of tourism to Barbados. BTMI wanted to launch a website to showcase various promotions, attractions, destinations, experiences, places for stay, etc. which would increase user’s interest to become visitors of Barbados as a holiday destination.

Vsourz and Mirabelle worked in association to provide BTMI with consultation, website design, website development, hosting and campaign maintenance services to create a promotional website that would allow users to browse destination information, research for various items such as events, hotels, etc. make plans on the day by day activities.






Responsive Website Design & Development



  • 1Strengthen digital experience
  • 2Refine information architecture
  • 3Unique design
  • 4Provide state-of-the-art technology
  • 5Enhance user experience
  • 6Empower staff to engage with users
  • 7Improve connectivity



Vsourz and Mirabelle addressed BTMI’s needs by focusing on the most relevant aspects of the user experience and conversion architecture which included:
  • 1Image enriched layouts
  • 2Step-guided navigation
  • 3Categorised information
  • 4Responsive features

The website needed to have an appealing layout as well as provide a smooth and engaging user experience with multiple images / videos and supports multi-language feature.


What we did


  • 1Powerful imagery focused on compelling images that would attract and inspire the target audience
  • 2Overlay effects – small additional layers with further information would appear on the top of all the clickable boxes and images
  • 3Consistent branding – the colors and fonts of the website are branded to be consistent with the corporate identity and contribute to increasing brand awareness
  • 4Visual effects – box images and letters showing different colors when hovering over to indicate the boxes / phrases are clickable


  • 1Responsive website adapts all of its elements automatically so that its optimally displayed in any device.
  • 2Megamenu enriched with the images gives a clear idea for the user to navigate to their area of interest.
  • 3Filters in relevant pages are provided to help the users to navigate in each of the areas easily.
  • 4Easy registration with simple steps, enabled users to add and update their details easily.
  • 5Trip planner with easy steps to plan and decide on the itinerary and manage timings.

SEO Activity

  • 1Performed competitive benchmarking
  • 2Reviewed existing landing pages and optimised based on the findings as well as shared ideas to create new ones
  • 3Optimised the Page Title and Meta Description
  • 4Analysed the data and accordingly shared recommendations based on findings
  • 5Technical SEO, content marketing, International SEO (Global) & local SEO (Caribbean), Setup for multilingual versions
  • 6Google Tag Manager and advance Google Analytics setup for better data analysis



+ 1 %
  • State-of-the-art Website Designs
  • Increased Visitors
+ 1
  • Improved User Experience
1 .000.000
  • Increased Conversion