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Transforming people’s travel through transformative active experiences.



Founded in 2003, Macs Adventure specializes in active adventure travel across the UK, Europe and Worldwide. They are a specialist in creating self-guided walking, cycling and biking holidays, allowing customers to explore the world on their own by bike or on foot with expert tailor-made itineraries. Their existing business had 3 individual websites – UK, USA, Germany operating independently of each other.




Tour Operator




- Responsive Website Design & Development
- Booking Engine
- Bespoke Development
- Data Migration
- SEO Migration



Initially, Macs Adventure engaged with us to implement a booking engine and CRM platform to manage their day to day operations. The objective was to automate end to end business processes and reduce the manual work and minimise multiple software usage. Having built a good relationship and successful track record, their marketing team approached us to “think ground up” and completely redesign their websites for the UK, USA and Germany.  Having 3 independent sites would mean duplication of efforts in managing products, content and functionality during regular updates.



  • 1Multiple back-office and CMS platforms to manage products and booking operations
  • 2Time consuming process – overhead on teams, affecting team’s efficiency
  • 3Duplication of efforts – same content was required to be managed in multiple backoffices
  • 4Complex and convoluted site structure
  • 5Out-dated website design and non-responsive layout


What we did

Project Management Approach

  • 1Considering a multi-stake holder environment and size and scale of the project we adopted Agile methodology for seamless delivery.
  • 2Designated a “customer champion” team at Vsourz to work closely with key technical and marketing personnel at Macs Adventure to understand their business requirements.
  • 3Identified MVP features for early delivery and created well thought long term project roadmap.


  • 1Reposition the brand by using contemporary web design trends.
  • 2Goal – based UX and UI design strategy to create a mobile first responsive website.
  • 3Reviewed analytics, customer behaviour, customer paths, heatmaps to define CTA’s and important features and functionalities for consistent customer experience.
  • 4Cater for search engine optimisation inherently in design and technical considerations.

Product Development

  • 1Centralised and improved backoffice to manage products for travel services.
  • 2Simplified site structure with enhanced, easy navigation and a fully responsive website.
  • 3Enhanced customer journey – customers could easily find out information about destinations, holiday types and view tours with day wise itinerary.
  • 4Integrated website with Umbraco CMS to give the backoffice team the ability to easily upload and modify content including imagery, text, blogs – whenever and wherever they like.
  • 5Data migration – customers, transactional and travel service from old to the new system.
  • 6Resolution and implementation of security / vulnerability / penetration testing checks to safeguard the underlying platform and data.
  • 7Tested and implemented optimisation features to build inherent scalability of the platform to cater for large frequent volume of traffic.
  • 8Implemented secure payment integrations.
  • 9Managed infrastructure, hosting and redundancy environment for servers, backups, email delivery.
  • 10Implementation and adherence to the new GDPR legislation rules.



We worked together with Macs in-house steering and project management team to devise a new system and deliver below requirements:

The B2C Website

  • 1Three brand new websites built using Umbraco CMS.
  • 2Full hands on and optimised the content – editing experience for marketing team.
  • 3Highly conversion focused and optimised customer journey to search & view tours, compare tours and check their availability.

Booking Functionality

  • 1Booking engine with a simple easy and intuitive tour booking journey.
  • 2Integrated B2C website and backoffice admin, customers can book tours & add-ons service online whilst the bookings are stored in the backoffice admin.

Integrated CMS to manage all websites

  • 1Multiple design templates to manage branding changes across the 3 websites.
  • 2Centralised product distribution where by products are pulled from real time product inventory as per the setup done for each website.
  • 3A new Umbraco content management system to control 3 websites from one portal.

The Backoffice Admin Area / CRM

  • 1Implementation of end to end back office function to manage operations like enquiries, quotes, bookings, documentation, product inventory, customer records, itineraries and payments.
  • 2Contracting module to manage travel services with details like content, prices, markup and inventory.