There are no secrets in the creation of a marketplace. Simple good ideas that build connections.

Ecommerce Marketplace

Design & Branding

Contemporary layouts and designs for following pages:
  • Home
  • Standard Widgets
  • Shop Listing – Sellers
  • Dedicated Shop Page – Seller
  • Category Listing / Product Listing
  • Product Detail
  • Product Search Result
  • Shopping Cart
  • Customer Account / Registration
  • Seller Account / Registration
  • Checkout Flow
  • Generic Content Page

Home / Landing Page

  • Rotating Banners
  • Featured Items
  • Featured Sellers
  • Advertisement & Promotion Area

Product Listing

Ability to sort products displayed in content area based on following parameters:
  • Sort By A-Z
  • Sort By Z-A
  • Sort By Lowest Price
  • Sort By Highest Price
Ability to filter products displayed in content area based on following parameters:
  • Shop By Category
  • Shop By Seller
  • Shop By Brand
  • Filter By Price
  • Filter By Attribute
  • Filter By Tag

Customer Service

  • Customer Account – Dashboard
  • Customer Account – Order History
  • Customer Account – Account Details
  • Customer Account – Address Book
  • Customer Account – Internal Mailing System
  • Allows existing users to sign in using email address & password
  • Allows new users to register – by collecting standard details

Inventory Management

  • Product / Product variant quantity maintenance
  • Customized messages for inventory levels
  • Standard inventory control process


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ecommerce Tracking
  • Google Adwords Tracking

Seller Management

Frontend Seller Registration

  • Allow user to register as a seller by selecting membership plan.
  • Registration page with standard information.
  • Confirmation page displaying registration information and membership plan.
  • Payment module integration (if required) & thank you page.

Backend Seller Account Management

  • Sellers will have the facility to log into their own account, using an email and password combination.
  • The system allows sellers to store and update the seller account related fields.
  • The system will allows for the changing of forgotten username/passwords.
  • The system will allows a seller to add/remove products to their shop. Any modifications that you do in product information willdo not require approval from Administrator. However, administrator can at any point view or change this information.
  • The system will allows the seller to set the following product properties:
    • Product Name
    • Product Category
    • SKU / Barcode
    • Description
    • Upload Image File
    • Price
    • Inventory
  • The system will allows site administrator to manage membership plans.
  • The system will allows sellers to see their current membership information and upgrade plans available.

Navigation & Filter

  • Mega Menu – with image and text support for special offers
  • Shop By Category
  • Shop By Seller
  • Shop By Brand
  • Filter By Price
  • Filter By Attribute
  • Filter By Tag
  • News Scroller
  • Feedback Scroller
  • Banners
    • Can be used for advertisement & promotion
    • At an additional cost, a banner space can be rented by a seller to redirect the potential buyer directly to their shop within the site
    • Have the ability to display custom elements like latest sellers, products etc.

Product Detail

Email Me When In Stock – for a product marked as “sold out/out of stock”, the user can request an email notification when product is available
  • Recently Viewed Items
  • Related Items
  • Image Zoom – Big close up image, plus 2 other smaller one(s) – total 3 product images
  • Product Name & Breadcrumb display
  • Seller Company Name
  • Seller Logo
  • Seller Visit Our Shop Link
  • Multiple Product Description – tab based
  • Ratings & Reviews – only registered user can add reviews.
  • Display product buying options, size, colour

Feedback Management

  • Allow user to leave feedback on products.
  • Administrator to approve feedbacks before it gets listed on website.

Payment Method

Pay online or cash on delivery

Order / Sales Management

  • Comprehensive statistics :
    • Number of orders
    • Number of customers
    • Sales by product / best sellers
    • Total sales
  • Searchable order data
  • Easy to print order data
  • Customer details
  • View orders and process them – set order status
  • Suggested workflow for order management is as follows:
    • The seller will receives an email notification regarding a new order.
    • The seller completes the order and marks it order as shipped.
    • The system will allows to print a shipping label.
    • The system will emails the customer letting them know their order is being dispatched.
  • The system will sends out a confirmation email to the customer at each stage of the order process, for example: 1) Order Received 2) Order Shipped
  • The system will allows sellers to log in and view orders filtered by status, such as all new, all shipped etc.
  • The system will allows site administrator to login and view new, current and historic orders for all sellers or specific seller.
  • The system will allows site administrator to login and search for specific orders, by customer, seller, order number and product.
  • The system will allows any lists of orders to be filterable by status, date, customer etc.
  • The system will allows the printing of customer invoices (for a selected customer or by date range)

Seller Shop / Listing

  • Displays newest seller
  • Displays featured seller
  • Displays all sellers – listed A to Z
  • Dedicated shop page for each seller displaying their logo, banner images, name, address, text summary etc.
  • Each seller shop to have a unique URL
  • Contact << SELLER >> by email – internal mailing system
  • Link to Facebook Profile
  • Link to Twitter Profile
  • Products Lists – display featured products which includes Product Image, Product Name, Product Price
  • Our Story – text managed using editor
  • Delivery Information – text managed using editor
  • Other Information – text managed using editor

Content Management System

  • Create unlimited number of CMS pages
  • Ability to add, edit, delete pages
  • Create Links
  • Link to Documents
  • Page Specific Meta data – title keywords & descriptions

Shipping / Delivery

  • Multiple Delivery Types (Standard / Express)
  • Shipping code based on UK zones (highland, mainland)
  • International shipping code based on country / zone
  • Define shipping rate based on order value
  • Free shipping over certain order amount
  • Associate weight band to each product
  • Each weight band can have its own shipping code
  • Part Dispatch of Order – Create Multiple Delivery Packages
  • Customer has to agree to Terms & Conditions before placing an order (like delivery restricted to minors, delivery must be signed for by an Adult)
  • Accept Special Delivery Messages at checkout

Standard Checkout

  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout Module – Billing & Delivery Address
  • Checkout Module – Order Confirmation
  • Checkout Module – Payment Options
  • Checkout Module – Receipt

SEO Management

  • Automated Sitemap Generation
  • Google Sitemap Generation
  • SEO Optimized Pages


  • News
  • FAQ
  • Newsletter
  • Links
  • Contact Us


Email Manager

Ability to manage content of all emails that goes to customer / seller from the website with flexibility to use dynamic content place holders like $customerName, $orderDetails etc.

Internal Mailing System:

  • The email system will provides each user with a private inbox with read and unread mail count.
  • The email system will provides each user with a private sent mailbox
  • When a new email is received, the user will be is notified by way of a notification email to their nominated email address.
  • The email system will only allows internal communications, with email addresses being replaced with a user contact ID. For example, a customer will beis able to click on a “contact seller” link and a seller can reply to a customer (only notification emails will beare sent externally).
  • The system will stores all communications between parties.
  • The email system willdoes not allow communications to be permanently deleted by either customers or sellers (although they can clear out their in/sent mailboxes).
  • The email system will allows site administrator complete access to communications and notifications for all users.
  • The email system will allows site administrator access to delete communications and notifications for all users


Multi-Currency Support

  • Allowing customer to view product pricing in different currency but restricting them to make payment only in website default currency, i.e. multi-currency payment NOT supported.
  • Allowing customer to view product pricing in different currency and making payment in selected currency, i.e. multi-currency payment supported.

Multi-Language Support

  • Ability to display page content in multiple languages
  • Ability to display language specific top navigation.
  • Ability to display language specific banners.
  • Ability to display language specific side bars.

Product Catalog

  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited category attributes
  • Unlimited brands
  • Content managed product/category description – HTML enriched WYSIWYG editor
  • Multiple product images
  • Related products listing – cross selling
  • 1-click enable/disable switch for products and categories
  • Ability to change the order of products
  • Ability to change the order of categories
  • Featured products


Ability to define search keywords for items and displaying results based on search relevance.
Predictive search drop down – as you type within the search box, auto complete helps you find information quickly by displaying searches (based on search keywords & item name) that might be similar to the one you’re typing.

Brand Listing

Displaying all brands by A-Z along with their logo.

Add On’s – Gift Cards

Buying a Gift Card

  • Customer selects gift card that they would like to send to their friend or relative.
  • Type in the recipient’s email address.
  • Type in the recipient’s name.
  • Add a personal message.
  • You canAbility to amend your gift card details and message when the item is in your shopping bag.
  • Gift card is emailed directly to the recipient and a delivery receipt will be is sent to you.customer

Redeem a Gift Card

  • YouCustomer can redeem gift card only on the payment page when making yourtheir purchase.
  • If gift card exceeds the total order amount, the remaining balance can be used on next purchase. So for the next purchase, youcustomer needs to use the same gift card code to redeem the remaining balance.
  • If order amount exceeds the gift card amount, customer will have to pay for remaining balance.
  • For cases where order total and gift card amount is equal, customer doesn’t pay anything.

Customer – My Account

  • Customer can see all gift card code being used and outstanding balance on card if any.

Backend Order Processing

  • In case a refund request is raised, the refund is made straight back to the gift card number.