Design & branding

Contemporary layouts and designs for following pages:

Seller shop / listing

Home / landing page

Content management system

Product listing

Ability to sort products displayed in content area based on following parameters:
Ability to filter products displayed in content area based on following parameters:

Shipping / delivery

Customer / Service

Standard checkout

Inventory management

SEO management



Seller management

Frontend seller registration
Backend seller account management


Email manager
Ability to manage content of all emails that goes to customer / seller from the website with flexibility to use dynamic content place holders like $customerName, $orderDetails etc.
Internal mailing system:

Navigation & filter


Multi-currency support
Multi-language support

Product detail

Email Me When In Stock – for a product marked as “sold out/out of stock”, the user can request an email notification when product is available

Product catalog

Feedback management


Ability to define search keywords for items and displaying results based on search relevance.

Predictive search drop down – as you type within the search box, auto complete helps you find information quickly by displaying searches (based on search keywords & item name) that might be similar to the one you’re typing.

Payment method

Pay online or cash on delivery

Brand listing

Displaying all brands by A-Z along with their logo.

Order / sales management

Add on's – gift cards

Buying a gift card
Redeem a gift card
Customer – my account
Backend order processing

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