Why Plumbers Make Great e-Commerce Managers

By Vsourz - 22 July 2020
Why Plumbers Make Great e-Commerce Managers
Earlier this year, I noticed the ceiling in my small home office was a little curved, where it used to be straight. So I did the most logical thing; jabbed at it hard with a sharp object taped to a broom handle!

Ten gallons of murky water later I really did do the logical thing, and called a plumber. Being an expert in his filed he traced the problem back to a badly installed pipe joint in the bathroom above. One week and 2 humidifiers later are household returned to H2O normal.

So why do plumbers make great e-commerce managers?

Truth is most don’t!

I am not saying there is not an e-commerce-plumbing-guru out there somewhere, but they are not that common.

Post Covid e-commerce is going to be even more essential to keeping your business afloat. A 1% reduction in your shopping cart abandonment could be the difference between profit or loss.

E-commerce in 2020 encompasses many things such as: A/B testing, landing page optimization, PPC, not to mention Facebook-Instagram-LinkedIn Advertising. Add in ‘advert quality scores’, upsells and re-marketing and most business owners have a hard time keeping up.

The smart boys and girls don’t sleep, well not all at the same time. This means the rules of successful e-commerce are changing daily.

To summarise (with as many plumbing related puns as possible): don’t poke at the problem; employ experts. That way you can turn the tap on your e-commerce business and get orders flowing through the pipeline. Learn how to turn cold leads to hot ones, plus fill your sales funnel. OK just one more plumbing pun: don’t throw money down the drain by learning as you go, talk to people who do this for a living. One such global company is Vsourz, they have over 200 experts in e-commerce with knowledge hubs in India, UK, Canada and Spain.

A quick chat with one of their customer-facing experts could be the best thing you do this year.

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About the author

Graham Brooks has been a business owner for over 30 years and ran multiple e-commerce web sites from the days of dial-up Internet until 2020.

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