B2B Features List

What can boost your B2B website? Take a look at some of the possibilities.

Brand Management

Management of videos, brochures, press releases, contacts. Updating necessary elements and deleting any outdated features to keep the look and feel of the business up to date.

Category Management

Altering categories as and when they’re needed and removing categories if stock changes.

Product Management

This is a broad management of products which involves importing new products, notifying customers for inactive products, managing bestsellers, integration of SAGE, updating product media and defining delivery.

Customer / User Management

Management of customer information such as ratings, loyalty, activity and pending payments. This is to give a detailed understanding of each customer to not only consider their commitment to your business but how to react in order to improve customer relationship.

Transaction Screen Management

Detailed transaction gateway with various capabilities for the user which can be monitored.

Warehouse Screen Management

Processing allocated orders for systems with enough balance.

Promotions & Vouchers

Generating reports to allocate certain rewards to different users. Management of promotions allowing you to add update and delete promotions when necessary.

Faulty Enquiry Management

Customer can follow a questionnaire and submit their information. This questionnaire can be defined for brands, and suppliers can be contacted about faulty items and provide credit notes.

Delivery Charges Management

Manage delivery charges based on different locations.


Reporting specific varying information regarding the site to give a better understanding of its efficiency.

Volumetric Managements

Calculating the weight of each product and sending different quotations to the transporter. Managing packing list information.

Generic Features

B2B Magento


Mobile Friendly

A mobile responsive design to make viewing on the move easy.

Product Details

Detailed information relevant to each individual item to give the buyer a clearer understanding of the product.


A simple, fast and reliable payment process for all users.


Raising brand awareness through various campaigns such as email.

Multi Vendor & Multi Store Support

Creating efficient platforms that enable buyers and sellers to connect.

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