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NetSuite leads the way in cloud ERP

NetSuite leads the way in
cloud ERP

NetSuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and ecommerce software.

With NetSuite ERP and the Magento Ecommerce platform, users can now eliminate manual order processing, enhance internal efficiency, improve fulfillment speed and accuracy, and increase customer satisfaction.

Integrating Magento and Netsuite provides a complete suite to enable end-to-end business processes—inventory management, Order management, Shipping & fulfillment, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing promotions, and Payment & invoicing for efficient and frictionless omnichannel commerce.

Managing Orders

Orders placed on Magento appear instantly on NetSuite.


Fulfillment logistics offer a simple pick, pack and ship process, while customers receive real time notification of tracking numbers and carrier details.

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Invoices and Payments

Invoices generated automatically upon successful payment.

Stock Level Unified

Stock levels across your website and NetSuite completely unified.

Variations in Product Pricing

Products and variations in pricing can be managed from NetSuite.

Advanced Functionality

The full range of functions supported, including discounts, promotions, shipping, matrix and kit items, bulk product uploads and multiple currencies.

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Magento and NetSuite integration features

Synchronised Customers

Accounts for new and existing customers, including billing and shipping address and contact details, synchronised to NetSuite.

Synchronised Products

  • Items synchronised from NetSuite to Magento
  • Stock updated in real time
  • Magento used to map NetSuite warehouses

Synchronised Orders

  • Any Magento orders which have been placed on the website will be converted instantly into NetSuite orders.
  • Web orders can also be transferred to NetSuite with the status ‘pending approval’, offering the chance to provide NetSuite users with a customer validation or order approval process, or let them check payment and stock levels.
  • After a delivery or invoice has been generated in NetSuite, web users can access updated information and a shipment tracking number on Magento, via the web order status, which changes from ‘pending/processing’ to ‘shipped’ and ‘complete’.
Magento and NetSuite integration features

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