Leverage the Power of SharePoint for Your Business

Leverage the Power of SharePoint for Your Business

As a leading Microsoft SharePoint consultancy, Vsourz delivers end-to-end solutions that are secure, supported, and designed to optimise your company’s processes.
We’ve mastered the art of SharePoint development that blends technical expertise with a nuanced understanding of the user experience. Whether you have never used SharePoint and need comprehensive support, or you’re an experienced user encountering a few problems, our SharePoint consultancy services are the right choice for you. Access an expert team of SharePoint consultants who’ll work closely with you to develop a strategy that meets your unique business needs.
Our SharePoint Consulting Services

Our SharePoint Consulting Services

Our range of specialist SharePoint services are highlighted below.
Architecture & Planning

Architecture & Planning

Our experienced team undertakes a thorough analysis of your company’s environment and requirements. We then use this assessment to develop a plan for your SharePoint project. This allows us to ensure that the resultant solution effectively supports your company’s strategy and objectives.

SharePoint Audit

Our SharePoint audit service identifies any existing and potential issues with your system. This includes a complete evaluation of your SharePoint architecture, security, and performance levels. In the first instance, we fix any existing issues that your business is experiencing and then put in place measures to ensure that any future problems are resolved ahead of time.

SharePoint Migration Consultation

SharePoint Migration Consultation

We facilitate seamless migration to the SharePoint platform for your company, ensuring robust data security throughout the process. Rest assured that our SharePoint migration consultants can achieve this both quickly and safely on your behalf.

SharePoint UX & UI

Our team specialises in delivering attractive and responsive Microsoft SharePoint interface designs. The focus is always on mobile optimised, user-friendly solutions with intuitive navigation that is designed to facilitate user adoption. In addition to this, we also build information architecture that fully meets your unique business needs.

SharePoint Development & Customisation

At Vsourz, we provide a comprehensive SharePoint consulting service that covers all aspects of your tailored solution’s development. We begin with the initial planning to establish your needs and budget. From there, we can start building a solution that propels you towards your business goals. Once it is live, we remain on hand to deliver on-going support so you can maximise the benefits of SharePoint.

SharePoint Integration

We integrate your SharePoint solution with any necessary third-party applications. Our team is well-versed at doing this for CRM, ERP, DMS, and other enterprise systems that you may use. This enables you to streamline your operations through integrated systems that work in perfect harmony.

SharePoint Security & Compliance

The Vsourz team conducts thorough security audits on your SharePoint solution to optimise its configurations and ensure that it remains safe. We also offer compliance recommendations in the following areas:
- HIPAA Compliance
- GLBA Compliance
- GDPR Compliance

SharePoint Support & Maintenance

Our SharePoint services don’t end with the delivery of your solution. You still have access to a team of Microsoft SharePoint experts to provide on-going support should your business need it. It’s the best way to ensure that all your systems continue to operate at an optimum level.

Intranet Solution Consulting

Intranet Solution Consulting

Our SharePoint expert consultants have a proven track record of successfully designing and building bespoke intranet solutions for a range of companies. Our work in this area is a sure-fire way to enhance internal communications, improve collaborative working, and facilitate data sharing.

SharePoint Document Management

Count on our SharePoint implementation consultants to carefully assess your document management requirements. Thereafter, we will be in the best position to design a DMS solution that allows your workforce to easily manage, store, share, and search for relevant information.

Experience the Full Benefits of Our
SharePoint Consultancy Services

Benefit from our expert Microsoft SharePoint consulting services in the following ways.

Increased Adaptability

We tailor our SharePoint consulting services to your specific environment and goals so that your business can rapidly adapt to changing situations and emerging challenges. As a result, you’ll be in a much stronger position of developing effective solutions to any problems you may encounter.


Expert Guidance

Work with dedicated SharePoint development experts possessing a deep understanding of the platform. We have many years’ experience applying this expertise to provide effective guidance and support that helps companies like yours navigate towards success.


Goal-Oriented Consulting

Our entire purpose revolves around leveraging SharePoint to optimise your business. This means the Vsourz team always puts your interests first in the process of providing recommendations that are designed to help you achieve your corporate objectives.


Cost Effective Solutions

Vsourz’ SharePoint services are incredibly cost effective. Once implemented, you’ll enjoy a healthy return on investment thanks to notable efficiency enhancements and an increase in your business’ overall profitability as well.


Optimised Functionality

Our Microsoft SharePoint consultants know how to integrate a range of third-party applications and also design a range of custom features. This provides extensive functionality that enables you to improve the efficiency of multiple business operations.


Excellent ROI

We work closely with you to identify ways of reducing your overall deployment costs. In addition to this, we also help you to find other effective methods your business can use to save money without compromising performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

As leading SharePoint service providers, we have experience in every aspect of SharePoint design, development, and support. We first meet with you to discuss your requirements and budget, and then provide a plan of action. What’s more, our team also keeps you updated with frequent progress reports throughout the process.
Yes, the Vsourz team is certainly superior to a consultant. SharePoint is a complex and multifaceted platform. As such, no single individual is likely to have high-level expertise in every aspect of the solution, like its architecture, security, integrations, and performance. As a team, however, Vsourz does possess the requisite level of knowledge across all of these areas.
You can be sure that Vsourz will always respond to your requests promptly. As soon as you’ve made contact, we can begin consultation. The successful completion of this service will depend on several factors, such as the size of the project and your availability. In any case, we always endeavour to conduct consultations in a timely manner.
The fees for our services depend on the size and scope of the work being undertaken. Contact us to discuss your needs and budget, and we will deliver expert services with these factors in mind.
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