Trusted SharePoint Hosting Solutions

Trusted SharePoint Hosting Solutions

When you invest in Microsoft SharePoint, your ultimate goal is to maximise your ROI.

However, SharePoint’s intended purpose of enhancing business communications as well as responding to a range of other business and market needs promptly goes to waste without dependable hosting. You need best-in-class hardware from reputable vendors to ensure consistent performance and round-the-clock availability.

That’s where Vsourz comes in! Not only will we support you in this regard, but you also get the benefit of leveraging our extensive experience in creating and managing end-to-end SharePoint hosting to deliver effective portal and website solutions.

SharePoint Hosting Services You Can Rely On

SharePoint Server Hosting

SharePoint Server is the best way for your business to streamline collaboration, administer organisational processes, deliver content management, and provide access to all company data that is critical to meeting corporate objectives. In addition to this, you can lean on our experts to manage the infrastructure, ensuring performance and security are always at peak levels.

Hosted SharePoint

Hosted SharePoint is a highly customisable online collaboration app with extensive capabilities. We deliver fully managed hosting services, which encompass custom managed, application, and cloud hosting. This gives you full access to business-critical information no matter where you are. You can also significantly ameliorate document management collaboration at the same time.

Azure Hosting

If scaling is one of your main priorities, we can support you with SharePoint web hosting through Azure cloud. Our team of experts can also handle the end-to-end migration process to ensure that everything is as it should be.
Exclusive SharePoint Hosting Features

Exclusive SharePoint Hosting Features

Your business can take advantage of the following exclusive features by utilising our SharePoint hosting services.

Why Choose Vsourz for Your
SharePoint Hosting Requirements?

We deliver dependable SharePoint hosting services for small, medium, and large businesses operating in a range of industry sectors. Here are some of the reasons why Vsourz is the trusted choice among SharePoint hosting providers.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At Vsourz, we only use the latest advanced technology to ensure you’re getting the most out of your SharePoint solution.

Unmatched Reliability

Client uptime is a major point of emphasis at Vsourz. Our solutions are highly secure to give you the peace of mind that your business can continuously operate uninterrupted.

Robust Security

Rely on the highest level of 2048-bit SSL encryption to keep your business-critical data safe and secure around-the-clock.

Easy To Work With

Clients hire us and never want to leave because we’re easy to work with and offer some of the most competitive SharePoint hosting packages on the market today.


When you choose Vsourz as your SharePoint hosting provider, you only pay for what you need. No additional charges, or hidden SharePoint hosting costs!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 to host SharePoint. At present, you cannot use Linux hosting.
Yes, you have access to a team of Microsoft SharePoint specialists who provide round-the-clock support, every day of the year.
Interested to learn more about how Vsourz can optimise SharePoint for your organisation? Reach out to our friendly team today to talk through your SharePoint cloud hosting needs.
Using hosted SharePoint, enables you to take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint’s vast capabilities including sharing documents, files, and social networking. On a SharePoint website, you can optimise site design, run wikis and blogs, distribute information, build document libraries, and leverage SharePoint applications.
A range of factors determines the length of time your Microsoft SharePoint hosting setup will take. Get in touch with one of our specialists now to discuss your specific requirements and receive an accurate timeline.

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Interested to learn more about how Vsourz can optimise SharePoint for your organisation? Reach out to our friendly team today to talk through your SharePoint cloud hosting needs.