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When you create a website for your business, you don’t only want it to look good on a superficial level — it also needs to perform the way it was designed to.

Hidden bugs, design flaws, broken forms, and other mistakes, can negatively affect the customer experience. Your reputation as a professional business relies on a smooth running and well-functioning website.

QA testing is an essential step before you set your website live. Our Umbraco testing experts can uncover mistakes missed by developers before any customer sets eyes on your site. Some mistakes may seem small, but something as simple as a contact form that’s created incorrectly can potentially lead to a significant loss in revenue for your business.

Our Umbraco testers follow a proven testing process to ensure every part of your website is operating how it’s supposed to. Are your drop-down menus working? Are there sections of your website unintentionally hidden from view? Do your payment gateways function as they should? We don’t leave any stone unturned.

What are Our Umbraco QA Testing Strategies?

There are different approaches to Umbraco quality analysis testing, and these can be broadly divided into two separate categories — “white box testing” and “black-box testing”. Sometimes these terms can be thrown around without a clear understanding of what they mean. Let’s explain how these two different strategies are approached:

Black-box Testing

Imagine you have a TV, and you want to check if it’s working properly. You might switch it on, try to change the channels and see if it can connect to the WiFi. What you’re not doing is opening the back of the TV and checking whether its internal wires are connected correctly.

When it comes to websites and software, black-box testing is performed without any knowledge of the internal configurations (or “back end”) of the website. This kind of testing is primarily concerned with the functionality and user experience of the website.

White-box Testing

In this case, we’re taking the back of the TV off, and looking at the wiring inside. This kind of website testing requires programming knowledge because we need to understand the code behind the site.

When we run a white-box test, we are testing the structure of the website itself, to make sure that the system will perform perfectly under different conditions. We can also examine website security, cookie performance, and how well the site integrates with third-party applications.

Our Umbraco Testing Services

Our Umbraco quality assurance experts can provide several comprehensive Umbraco QA testing services that will ensure your website is ready to represent your business online.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is done by human developers who will manually test code to ensure it’s working correctly. The main benefit of manual testing is that you can start doing it as soon as you have completed your project, without the need to develop testing scripts.

It’s ideal for websites with frequently changing user interfaces since these require a more flexible testing strategy.

Automated Testing

Automated testing involves creating and executing scripts that automatically test website functionality, without relying on human intervention. Once the scripts are in place, the tests can be run quickly and regularly to ensure everything is working correctly all the time. If you are making frequent UI changes then some element of manually testing may be required in addition to automated testing.

Unit Testing in Umbraco

Umbraco unit testing involves taking the smallest component of the website code (“units”) and testing them individually. The benefit to unit testing is that tests can be run quickly, and problems that may affect the entire site are identified before they grow into a bigger issue.

Even so, unit testing will not uncover integration problems nor will it identify every possible issue within the website as a whole.

Integration Testing in Umbraco

Integration testing looks at how your website interacts with third-party applications or integrated modules. Umbraco unit testing is useful for looking at small sections of code, but it doesn’t tell you how these units will interact with external code.

Integration testing looks at these different units or modules and tests them as a group to ensure they are working together as designed. It can also include testing the integration of APIs and external applications that work with your website to create a seamless online experience for your website visitors.

Acceptance Testing in Umbraco

User acceptance testing is usually the final stage of testing and it aims to confirm if the website meets the expectations of potential users. If you want to make sure your website fulfils its success criteria, then acceptance testing is crucial.

To run this type of test, you need to establish the needs of the user and the intended purpose of the website. This can then be used as a benchmark to measure whether or not the website has met its goals. Can customers easily add items to an online shopping cart and check out? Are contact forms working? Acceptance testing covers the most essential functions of your website.

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Umbraco QA Testers?

Due to our specialist knowledge of the Umbraco CMS, our team of testers know the best way to start testing your Umbraco website. Thanks to Umbraco’s open-source code, we can begin fixing any problem we find immediately.

Our Umbraco QA team is on hand to support every stage of the project lifecycle, including planning, design and implementation. The purpose of the entire QA process is to help you deliver the optimal user experience for your website visitors. This means that we are not limited to solely testing website functionality because we know that a well-designed and intuitive user interface has just as much impact on lead conversion. We’ll ensure that every aspect of your website is held to a high-quality standard before going live.

Umbraco QA testing also remains essential every time you update a feature or add new functionality to your site. So we’ll be there to make sure that everything still works perfectly, no matter how many changes you make to your UI.

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